• The Year of The Penguin

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    Another one has just flashed by. I nearly threw up my hands in shock. Hence the good reason why I won't handle the tough news with kid gloves: 2015 is already on us!

    The upside is that it's been a bit more than two years by now we were all supposed to have bitten the dust. More than enough to put everything back into perspective, isn't it ? Now, in order to avoid resorting to the perennial clichés and promises that cannot possibly be kept — usually caused by the temporary euphoria of champagne as well as all the unnecessary glamour some people love to surround themselves with on these special occasions — no pipe dream sort of wishes will be offered here even though deep down inside I sincerely hope each of our individual and combined efforts as human beings will finally succeed in reversing the situation at long last.

    On the other hand, I would not want in any way to focus on the doom and gloom so I'll let Jim introduce his bunch of smart lovely penguins to Carrey on the good laugh all year long. Some may not get the picture, but not to worry I got it for you.


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