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    Further to the historical Great Conjunction in Aquarius on the winter solstice (see Related articles), today a new rare planetary alignment is taking place (last one occurred circa 1999/2000) which should set the tone for the whole of 2021 since it will happen three times (next is by mid-June then last will be on Christmas eve). An exact square (90°) between Saturn sitting at 7° in Aquarius and Uranus at 7° in Taurus (supported by a Moon conjunction, foreboding a highly emotional climate and potential event trigger) is tantamount to a cosmic show of strength between two uncompromising signs, which is bound to create tension and conflict throughout the course of the year.

    The World Is Going To Change

    I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I'll get on my knees and pray
    We don't get fooled again

    ♫ "Won't Get Fooled Again", The Who (1971)

    At world level, Danielle Clermont says “this square involves considerable contingencies, surprises and unexpected events. Uranus is also known as the ultimate pioneer and rebel of the Zodiac. It is conducing to all sorts of scenarios in which the lightning of Uranus is sure to potentially ignite already 'tricky" situations.” (source)

    Named after the eponymous Roman god identified with the Greek Cronus, Saturn is the second largest planet of the solar system in mass and size and the sixth nearest in distance to the Sun. Infamous spoilsport of the Zodiac, Saturn is also considered as the Lord of Karma and represents patience, reliability, austerity, authority, rules, limitations, traditions, and the status quo.

    Whereas, as Ouranos the Greek god of the sky, Uranus is the seventh planet in distance from the Sun and the least massive of the solar system’s four giants, which also include Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. As the Great Awakener, Uranus tends to represent unpredictability, innovation, originality, freedom, change, rebellion, and challenge.

    With one of the two giants in the groundbreaking sign of communities and new technologies (Aquarius) clashing with the other in the traditional sign of individualism and possessions (Taurus), there should be no compromise as both will stand firm and remain unyielding.

    “Saturn will want to control. Uranus will want to go with the flow. Saturn will want to impose boundaries and structure, Uranus will want complete freedom to roam wherever it pleases.
    These two energy dynamics will clash, and we may see it manifesting as rebellion, revolution, change to traditional structures, controlling freedoms, or the breakdown of the old.” (source)

    What makes this Saturn-Uranus square even more interesting, however, says Nikki Harper, is that here the roles are reversed. Saturn in Aquarius is the rebel, with Uranus in Taurus fighting tooth and nail to keep things just as they are:

    There’s a certain elegant irony here too regarding how things have changed since the last Saturn-Uranus squares. We were in the middle of an emerging digital landscape at the turn of the millennium, with new tech startups pushing the boundaries of everything we knew. Fast forward and here we are today, with those former upstarts now giant tech companies which can – and do – call all of the shots and hold most of the cards. Symbolically at least, it’s easy to see how Uranus now represents the status quo, with Saturn challenging for a return to “the good old days”.”

    Perhaps more importantly, however, especially given the upheaval the world is in, this battle between Saturn and Uranus has a spiritual and psychological dimension too. In a “post-truth” world, which of these two powerhouse planets speaks the truth? Is it Uranus, speaking up for the widening of human rights and the greater acceptance of our fellow humans? Or is it Saturn, harnessing the Aquarian energies of philosophy and religion, railing against progressive values and seeking a righteous return to a more conservative (with a small c) world view?”

    “It’s up to us to understand that neither of these energies has all of the answers. Both directions of travel can claim right and might on their side, and both would be on shaky ground in doing so. To successfully navigate this Saturn square Uranus energy, we do need to pick a side, yes, but we need to understand that “our side” is also a work in progress, with faults and issues of its own. Realism is needed more than ever, because too much idealism and righteousness is leading only to more division and chaos.” (source)

    Rekindling The Innner Fire

    My life — you electrify my life!
    Lets conspire to ignite
    All the souls that would die
    Just to feel alive

    "Starlight", Muse (2006)

    On a personal level, Danielle Clermont explains that Uranus will strongly encourage our desire to free ourselves from limitations, restrictions, and "old structures calcifying our lives".

    “We are seeking to implement new thought patterns and new ways to "ride" the flow of our daily tasks more smoothly. If we can just pass through the stormy phases caused by this square, then Saturn and Uranus will open our minds to new possibilities. Both planets will also teach us to accept change "for the better" as the only sure thing this unpredictable square has to offer is that there will be change!“ (source)

    While this is something we can see manifesting in our outer reality, change may also take place within us.

    Old thoughts and beliefs that we have held about ourselves or the world may crumble. As we allow old thoughts and patterns to fall away, we may find ourselves being more curious and open-minded. We may even find ourselves getting better at balancing structure and a routine, and making time for spontaneity and creativity. Depending on where we are on our journey, we may find that we need more of Saturn’s wisdom or more of Uranus’s wisdom.“ (source)

    I, for instance, have this square affecting both my self-image (1st House) and emotional foundation (IC/4th House) while also impacting my Black Moon, which is where lie all our taboos and repressed stuff. So let me assure you that I'm currently going through very distressing inner crises, challenging the way I usually cope with painful emotions.

    As someone I like a lot (who is also going through dark places with the same houses impacted) wisely told me last week, the key is to be fully in each rather than trying to wish it away”.

    Anyhow, we have no alternative — there is nowhere to hide, so we'd better buckle down.


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