• The Whole System Is at War with Life

    Article by Michael translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    The whole system is at war with life:

    • Prohibition on use of plants for healing.
    • Prohibition on use of essential oils.
    • Addition of toxic chemicals in water, food, air, soils, bodycare and cleaning products.
    • Mass manipulation to force healthy populations to inject themselves with an untested harmful product against a minor illness.
    • Complete negation of natural fundamental laws in favour of totalitarian and dictatorial laws.
    • Elimination of creativity at early ages.
    • Complete negation of spirituality.

    All the things that make us who we are are completely ignored, ridiculed, and turned into “sectarian aberrations” and other qualifiers, so that people unconsciously perceive Life as their sworn enemy.

    You can't put every ounce and fibre of your being into fighting against life and expect anything other than death.

    Not necessarily physical death, but undoubtedly the death of your soul.

    The death of the jewel which lies within each and everyone of us and makes us not quite ordinary beings.

    We have incarnated to experience life.

    Not to perpetuate death.

    The system will always do everything it can to keep us away from what makes us who we are.

    Are we going to continue listening to it without changing our ways and keep advancing towards death?

    It's not a question of making enemy with the system or else we continue to perpetuate it.

    Either way, it's accidentally bringing about the greatest awakening in human history.

    It serves to point out where we should not go, what we should not do, and what opens doors for us to where we really want to go.

    So yes, it takes courage to free ourselves, but shall we continue to perpetuate who we are not by nature?

    Each and everyone of us is responsible for what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

    So what are you going to do, right now, to create a world that suits you best?

    For as long as we keep waiting for others to wake up, we're only creating a sleeping world.

    Is this what we want?

    What does it take to get a freer world?

    Wait until we get our freedoms back? Or just take them back?

    Stick to the same operating modes? Or pick new ones?

    Entertain the same beliefs biased by the system? Or adopt new ones?

    There's an important point here: whatever your choice, it is yours and must be honoured.

    On the other hand, it is important to face it with honesty and take responsibility for your actions or lack of.

    The power to change our lives, now and right away, is therefore in our hands.

    We can create the world we want right now.

    We are our own authority and nothing and no one can ever change that.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
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