• The universe is made up of frequency and vibration of energy

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    One of the fundamental principles of physics is that “nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. This is normal since matter is made up of energy and vibration and you only have to change its frequency (motion of particles) to modify its density and form (i.e., the principles of solidification or gasification). I'm aware that, for those who have been following this blog since the early days, this article might read like a brief repeat of those I've already reposted in the past or more recently (see Related articles). However, I think it's an excellent summary of what could be termed as “Quantum Physics For Dummies” (not in a derogatory sense).

    Consider your own body being made mostly of space. Close your eyes and experience the space that you’re made of and the space around you vibrating like a crystal. Then imagine that the rate of vibration of your biocrystal structure in the structure of the vacuum is equivalent to the information pouring in and out of you, in the same way that a crystal radio set tuned to a certain frequency allows you to hear a specific radio station. In the body, if the brain is the antennae of the radio set, the tuning dial is the heart, which defines the frequency of information received through the fluid dynamics rhythm of your body, and which can be altered by your emotional state.

    ~ Nassim Haramein


    If you want to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.

    ~ Nikola Tesla

    All matter on earth consists of atomic material which is in constant motion, vibrating or spinning, manifested in everything within the universe.

    All organisms are made out of atoms and molecules, which means literally every living thing is radiating energy and vibration. Every living thing on earth vibrates at its own level with its own sound, determined by the velocity of its frequency.

    Motion generates frequencies and in turn, generates sound whether we are able to hear it or not. Everything has a sound, and it’s own level of vibration. The specific sound is determined by the velocity (frequency) of the movement.

    All organisms on this planet use vibration i.e., energy, as the primary means of communication. In its original condition vibration is inaudible and invisible, but in its first stage towards manifestation it becomes audible, and its next step is visible.


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