• The scientific evidence behind the law of attraction

    Speech by Kevin Trudeau transcribed and edited out by Ey@el

    The following is a transcription I've made (and edited out) of a 40 minute excerpt from the 14 hour audio CD series called Your Wish Your Command by Kevin Trudeau. It explains the four basic principles and exposes the scientific evidence behind the law of attraction for those who might think this is just some goofy obscure esoteric concept. Hopefully, it addresses any questions or doubts you may still have about mind prevailing over matter and about thoughts/feelings actually shaping reality. Because at the end of the day, there is no such thing as solid matter since everything is energy. And energy cannot disappear, energy just transforms. Therefore all the concepts this materialistic society taught us are misguided and meant to keep us trapped in a vibrational prison of ignorance and powerlessness. Just like truth seekers such as David Icke have been telling you again and again for decades now. There is so much more to the law of attraction and to why people usually fail at using it properly and getting results, but it simply cannot be explained in a few lines. Besides, I am by no means trying to. As Kevin Trudeau says, “you cannot learn by teaching.” And I'm still learning.


    1. Everything is energy which vibrates at a different frequency.

    Everything on earth is made up of atoms. We all know that. You also have to understand that throughout history, science has created technology or instruments that can see smaller and smaller particles. So back when atoms were discovered, scientists proclaimed, with their arrogance, that the atom was the smallest particle in the universe. And I say “with their arrogance” because that's all they could see — their instruments could only see that far or that close up or amplify that much. Whereas years later, when they developed new instruments that can actually magnify more powerfully, they found out that the atom is not a particle. The atom actually consists of an electron circulating around a nucleus: protons and electrons. And then they said “Oh my, this electron is smaller than an atom, therefore the electron is the smallest particle in the universe!” Again with their complete arrogance. Instead of saying what they should say and that is: “Look, with the instruments that we have right now, the smallest particle we can see is the electron. But obviously there must be something probably smaller that we can't see yet.”

    But here is the question: what holds the electron “in orbit” around the nucleus? And the answer is energy or a vibration, or a frequency. Scientists now have instruments that actually can go smaller than the electron and they see that the electron is made up of vibrations, that it's actually full of holes and not solid — nothing is solid — and it's called frequency, vibration, or energy.

    How does your cellphone pick up a signal when you're in an elevator or a building? The signal is a frequency. It's energy, it's a vibration, and that frequency is travelling not in one little beam. Think about it, you could be virtually anywhere and pick up the signal. It means that frequency is permeating all space. If you're in a room and you walk anywhere in the room, it's picking up the signal. Therefore the signal is not like a line. The signal is almost like a gaseous thing permeating the whole room with the vibration. It's hard for a lot of people to comprehend, but that's what frequency or vibration is. And scientists cannot answer how from a radio-transmitter or satellite or one of those cell-towers it can travel all the miles and virtually permeate every bit of space and how it goes through and passes through trees, buildings, glass, steel, brick, and mortar (when you go to a subway it still works in many cases). 

    Isn't that amazing? It's everywhere. Like this invisible gas that fills up everything and goes through everything. It's almost like science-fiction, but it's factual. It's actually physical — it's quantum physics. Just because you can't see it with your eyes doesn't mean it's not physical — it is part of the physical universe. Energy and vibration is here, we just can't see it physicalise.

    So that's the first thing you have to understand: that vibration exists and everything on the planet is made up of atoms which are made up of electrons which are made of nothing but energy or vibration, or frequency. Therefore every single thing at the end of the day is the same. And scientists have said this for hundreds of years: “Everything is made up of the same materials”. It's just the combination of atoms that is different. You and I are made up of the exact same materials : atoms. The desk here is made up of the same materials as you and I, this water bottle, the flowers, etc. And those atoms are made up of the exact same thing: electrons and protons. And the electrons and protons are made up of the exact same thing: vibration or frequency.

    When you take one frequency and mix it with another, you have a different frequency — change may be slight, but it's still different — so the potential number of frequency combinations is virtually endless or infinite. So everything you see is made up of the same thing, but the only difference is the vibration or frequency of everything you see is different. That's what makes this flower look different from that flower. They're made up of the exact same atoms, and in this case, the exact same materials, the exact same everything. The only difference is the combination and the ratios of atoms to one another are different, therefore the vibration is different. Therefore the result of what you see in the physical universe is different.

    Everything on the planet is made up of atoms. We can all concur to that. That's not me. Einstein said that and every scientist on the planet agrees. It's not even a consensus, it's unanimous. Scientific fact. Atoms are all made up of the same thing and the electrons and protons in atoms are simply made up of vibration. It just varies. Therefore everything you see is made up of vibration or everything you see is basically a combination of different frequencies.

    Everything is vibrating. Everything has a frequency. Everything is pure energy.

    2. Our brain transmits or receives energy and it can transmit that energy at different vibrational frequencies.

    Let me take this concept one step further: you have the ability to use your brain and create any frequency you want and transmit it. You also have the ability to transmit that frequency softly with little power or blast it with huge amounts of power. Because if your brain is a transmitter, you kind of have a volume or power control. You can crank up the power and transmit a beam that is so strong and so powerful it's amazing. Your brain transmits frequencies similar to a satellite, a cell-tower, or a radio-tower. The difference is the frequency levels that your brain is putting out are much higher than those put up by cellphones, radio transmitters, towers, or satellites. Those frequencies go in a straight line but still pass through brick, mortar, etc., and still travel almost instantaneously. The frequency that you brain puts out does not travel in a straight line — it actually goes in all directions and virtually transmits instantaneously all over the globe. And unlike a radio transmitter where the further you get away from the tower the weaker the signal, the frequency that your brain puts out puts out the same power — whether in front of you or 3,000 miles across the planet, it's the exact same power. So when your brain puts out a frequency, nothing can block it.

    3. When our brain transmits frequencies, it's picked up by other brains and it does affect physical matter in the universe.

    Thomas Edison said very clearly: “The brain transmits frequencies that is picked up by other brains and affects physical matter”. Thomas Edison is not an idiot. He was if not the greatest inventor of all times. A super-genius, Albert Einstein said the same thing. Now is there scientific evidence to back this up? Yes, there are thousands of research projects that have been around the world. The most well-known in Western countries were talked about in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know!? There are thousands of scientific experiments that measure vibrations of matter, whether it's a piece of a granite, a piece of steel, a diamond, a flower, a bottle of water, a glass of wine, a book... anything at all. All of these have been measured with scientific instruments and it showed that each one has a different vibration and those vibrations are constant. They're always the same unless something affects it.

    Think about this: a magnet. Does it have a frequency around it? Yes, it's called a magnetic field. Science can't see it. If you take the most powerful instrument up until recently and look at the magnetic field north and south poles, they are different. We know that because they affect things differently but there's no difference in the atoms. The atomic structure is the same. The only difference now is the frequency. So scientists have taken physical matter and measured the frequency of a gold bar and it's a constant. But when they bang it with x-rays or gamma-rays, or even radio waves, the vibration changes. So that vibration can be affected by an outside source.

    Multiple materials from gold, silver, iron, plants, and a whole bunch of different things were tested and again their vibrations were constant. Then a human subject would look at the gold and emit a vibration with his brain. Guess what would happen to the gold? It physically would look exactly the same but in testing, just like when it was bombarded with x-rays or radio waves, or gamma rays, the vibration of the gold bar changed. Same thing with the flowers. Same thing with the glass of water, etc.

    So Einstein and Edison were right: the brain transmits frequencies — it's a transmitter and receiver of frequencies and these frequencies are picked by other brains and they do affect physical matter.

    Another great research (a common one) in the DVD What The Bleep Do We Know!?, water was tested. And rather than check frequencies, the water was frozen and the splayed and you could see the crystallisation of the water and that was always a constant until a person sent a vibration into it with their brains. Now the vibration could be one of love and that affected the structure of the water. They sent hate which also affected its structure.

    The bottom line is there is massive physical evidence — scientific evidence — that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the brain transmits frequencies which affect physical matter.

    4. Vibrations which are similar always attract like a magnetic pull.

    Now that you understand those basic concepts, there is another element and that is the law of attraction. It's a senior law to the laws of the universe. Some laws are superseded by more powerful or senior laws. A good example is, we do have the law of gravity: “what goes up must come down”. The law of gravity exists as a physical law but it is superseded by the law of lift because it defies the law of gravity. When an airplane flies, the law of gravity doesn't go away. The airplane flies because it is using a more powerful law — a senior law to the law of gravity called the law of lift. So we have laws in the physical universe, some of these are just agreements that you've made because you think that's how things work so you've created your own set of laws. We have things in the physical universe that we believe to be true or laws like the law of gravity. And the law of attraction is senior to any of the physical laws. It is the most senior law — the most powerful law that supersedes everything. What the law of attraction says is vibrations that are the same attract.

    Interestingly enough, Samuel Hahnemann, in Germany, invented a medical science or healing art called homeopathy which is based on the same thing. Homeopathic remedies contain nothing. It's just some saline solution or carrier solution, there's nothing in it. Scientists just looked at five different homeopathic remedies for different ailments and they analysed them and said: “They're all the same!” And the homeopath said: “No, the frequency, the vibration is different”. The way that a homeopathic remedy has been made is a substance was taken — let's say poison ivy. If you rub poison ivy on your skin, what does happen? You get itchy, you get red marks. You have an allergic reaction to it. Well, homeopathy says, if you have itchiness or redness, if you have the symptoms of poison ivy or similar, the remedy for that to make it go away is the poison ivy frequency. And Hahnemann's theory was like cures like, which is the law of attraction, “like attracts like”. It neutralises and cures it. So where homeopathic remedies were made, you wouldn't eat the poison ivy because what you need is the frequency of poison ivy. Take poison ivy, put it in alcohol, let it sit to develop what it's called a tincture so it would extract from the poison ivy all of the key elements. He would then take one drop of that tincture and put it in a five-gallon jug of water and then what he would would shake it once, twice, tree, four, a hundred times depending on the power. Interesting enough, the more diluted this remedy is the stronger it is. He would take one drop of that and put it in another five-gallon jug of water and he could do this a hundred times. Even after a second time there is nothing in the jug except water but then guess what? With scientific instruments today we can see than there is just water, but the frequency in the water is different. It's energetic healing.

    So the law of attraction says a vibration will attract a similar vibration, like attracts like. So vibrations which are similar always attract. That's what the magnetic pull is. And the closer the vibrations match, the stronger the magnetic pull.

    Transcribed and edited by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com


    • ^ What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a 2004 documentary film. It deals with neurology, quantum physics, psychology, epistemology, ontology, metaphysics, magical thoughts, and spirituality. As expected, the movie arouse much controversy amongst mainstream scientists, some arguing it promoted pseudo-sciences and did misrepresent science.
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