• The Science of Homeopathy

    Article by Dr Joseph Mercola

    At the end of an excerpt of a conference I had transcribed for you about four year ago (see Related articles), Kevin Trudeau described homeopathy as a healing art based on the same principle as the law of attraction which says that “a vibration will attract a similar vibration, like attracts like. So vibrations which are similar always attract”.

    And Hahnemann's theory was like cures like, which is the law of attraction, “like attracts like”. It neutralises and cures it.

    Often mistaken for phytotherapy because of its heavy use of plants (but not only), homeopathy is first and foremost a wonderful therapy I do not understand much about, but it saved my life and keeps working small miracles wherever nothing else does. Like everyone else, I was initially sceptical, all the more since I had previously been involved with inept physicians who would practise homeopathy the same way as allopathy, namely to each disease its remedy, regardless of every complex factor and individual terrain unlike genuine homeopaths would (an initial homeopathic consultation should take approximately one hour). Also, I was of course convinced that it would take forever until I could hope to get some tangible unpermanent results. So much for the placebo effect, huh!

    It's crazy how biases die hard and how brainwashed we are with utter nonsense bordering on outright evil — even though I am now firmly convinced, if not absolutely certain that nonsense is the prerogative of our refusal to acknowledge the evil we're collectively victims of (for a typical example of blatant dishonesty and biased propaganda, check this article on homeopathy on Wikiganda).

    Retrospectively, I have moved such a long way up now that I can't help laughing at how stupid I was then. Though the realisation that my past stupidity was nothing compared to the effects of the actual powerful aggressive brainscouring propaganda practised here and everywhere by lobbys and governments alike makes it a bitter laugh. Today, homeopathic drugs are delisted by the French national health service. Next, they will be declared illegal. Why not? The way things are going in the France of the Lord of The Flies, another evil can't make it any worse.

    To share a secret with you, homeopathy is so ineffective that all the “top” people rely exclusively on it. Having worked for several years in London next to Ainsworths homeopathic pharmacy, the official supplier of the Royal Family, I have seen loads of celebs including rockstars go in there. You may or may not draw conclusions, but I very much doubt Liam Gallagher would boast about using homeopathic remedies (bet he won't like my little scoop, but well, it's very unlikely that he ever reads about it — as you were, Liam).


    For years, homeopathy has been unfairly maligned by the American Medical Association (AMA), FDA and mainstream medicine as a worthless placebo that lacks any scientific evidence of effectiveness.

    If you listen to these aggressive mainstream critics, you would never know that homeopathy was originally a well-accepted medical practice taught in medical schools, which conferred degrees in the specialty. There were even homeopathic hospitals and the practice was supported by governments and influential leaders.

    Homeopathy was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician to the royal family, who was appalled at the traditional medical practices of his day, such as bloodletting and the administration of mercury and arsenic that did more harm than good.

    What began Hahnemann's inquiries was learning that quinine — the bark of the cinchona tree — treated the effects of malaria by producing a condition similar to it, a principle known as the law of similars, or "like cures like."

    The documentary Just One Drop reveals the medical history of homeopathy, its widespread, global usage, benefits to patients and its continued maligning by mainstream medicine.


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