• The Ring

    Graphic and poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

    I asked Saturn
    Where had his ring gone.
    But the Great Silent One,
    So high and so mighty,
    Summoned me to give back
    The ring I never had,
    Threatening to slay me
    Unless he recovered what was his.

    I ran to Neptune
    To enquire of the whereabouts of the ring.
    He said: “Go ask the Moon
    Or her friend Pierrot.
    And as he couldn't care less,
    He dived back under water
    Splashing all over
    Saying no more word.

    And since I didn't know where to look
    Nor which God to turn to,
    And since none would help,
    I felt rather confused.

    I turned to Chiro
    To find out about the ring.
    He said: “Go ask Sauron
    Or his enemy Bilbo.
    And suddenly, I remembered
    What happened to the bloody precious
    Someone eventually found
    And threw into the fire.


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