• The Prince of Darkness Meets His World Elite

    Shortstory by V. Susan Ferguson

    Appropriating Planet Earth

    Hovering over the city, the Prince of Darkness sat in his black helicopter. He glanced at his Italian shoes and noticing a scuffmark, summoned one of his servant girls. A beautiful Oriental child approached him on her knees and, her eyes cast down, began to polish the rich dark leather on his $1000 shoes. He looked out the helicopter window, thinking how he enjoyed these yearly meetings with the elite technocrat managers he had created. These men were the top executives in their fields. For him, the term executive had a particularly delicious connotation, meaning he allowed them to execute his will.

    These men all had the same characteristics in common: they each were consumed by personal ambition and their intelligence was infected with an imbalance that could be skewed to his demands.


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