• The Physical Body’s Role in Ascension

    Article by Sarah Elkhaldy

    Many of us have had an aversion to the human form and difficult time acclimating to third dimensional life, which has manifested in one form or another as dis-ease. There are positive aspects to the state of illness that aren’t easily recognized due to the sheer amount of pain that illness comes with. One of the undervalued aspects to illness is that it teaches us how to properly care for our physical vehicle. Personally, I know that if it wasn’t for my own health conditions I have suffered from over the years, I wouldn’t be as conscious of my health as I am today, nor would I be that very helpful of a healer.

    Imagine the aether as a sea of consciousness made up of different radio waves. These radio waves are broadcasted into infinite versions of reality, or “radio stations.” Each station broadcasts a different version of reality. 

    The ascension process is the elevation of our bodies onto a different radio station, or version of reality. This includes shifting our whole being into a different phase of consciousness. This process includes all of our bodies: the physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual. It will do no good to repel the channel we are on. It is about simply no longer being magnetized to this channel. When there is no longer a need for a being to learn its lessons on this radio station, the channel naturally drops off.


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