• The Parting of The Ways

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    I do not oppose you or your view. I am not against you and what you think. As a matter of fact, we happen to share the same values. The only difference is the people you support and their program neither represent nor support these values, but the whole opposite. Deep inside you know it, but you simply don't want to see because it is so unacceptable that these people could lie to you and have evil motives. No way!

    I can fully understand and I've been there too. Which is why I take the time and trouble to write this. I am NOT any smarter than you, I have just taken an earlier train. You would do the same in my place. Because we are both loving, peaceful people who want peace, fairness, honesty and truth. Like you, I condemn violence and hatred. Nothing can ever justify these. However, these are the excuses of the people you support to constantly go to war and kill innocent people and children to restore peace. They don't tell you that they actually create the problem to get a reaction from you so that you demand them to come up with a solution which they otherwise could not have implemented without your prior consent.

    They can pass whichever bill they want, blackmail and corrupt whoever they like, they still can't bend Universal Laws. Never. And they know it. We know it too. So they resource to their problem-reaction-solution to get you to co-opt. They have no other power than the one you wilfully give them.

    Please, for a minute there, ask yourself what do I have to gain risking it all for making such a statement that I'm sure most will dismiss without a second thought?

    Could it be that my ego wants to be right? Ego seeks recognition and approval which is not really what you gain opposing the consensus.

    Could it be that I suffer from some mental disease? Gosh, I wish so much I did! It would be such a relief because I could go for a treatment and none of these horrors and threats would be true anymore. I'm not even being ironical nor cynical, I really wish I were deluded.

    Madness is what happens when our soul connection gets broken. I for one only believe in love and fear which are the politically correct terms for good and evil. If good exists and you embrace it, you need to acknowledge that evil does too. ignoring it is how it has been able to take over our lives without us realising it. You are not evil, but evil has tricked you into giving your consent to a ruling elite who truly is.

    Humanity has now reached a parting of the ways. You can't remain safely there until the tidal wave hits you. They can't either, although for them there is no safe exit door. They have gone way too far. For us there is only one. This is not me to show you the way. This is nobody to show you the way. This is your duty to self and sole responsibility to choose.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this through. I hope and wish nothing because I let no one decide in my place anymore. I just followed my heart and delivered its message to whoever it may concern. It's all yours now. Do whatever you wish to do with it. Dismiss it, burn it — or pass it on.


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