• The Mysterious Blues of The Soul

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    In the dark you tell me of a flower
    That only blooms in the violet hour.

     "In The Violet Hour", Sea Wolf (2009)

    I often “tag” my family and friends, but rarely do myself. For a number of obvious reasons I already mentioned. Not long ago, upon experiencing a really painful phase of self-deprecation, my inner voice made me realise how vital it was for me to step out of my comfort zone and allow myself to be who I am rather than unconsciously trying to comply with who (and what) others expect me to be. God helps only those who help themselves. Love yourself as you would like to be loved. Easier said than done. However, after spending a lifetime begging for unreceived scraps to no avail, I've now decided to apply the “if you want something something done, do it yourself” saying.

    This lengthy (nebulous) preamble is meant for those who might not take this purely formal exercise for what it truly is — a graphical attempt to express the essence of my inner self. They are politely invited to get lost on Fakebook or Twister where they might encounter some genuine narcissuses.

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    I'm just at the other end of your night,
    I'm always in and out of your light,
    Right down the middle of all your dreams.

     "In Your Dreams", Stevie Nicks (2011)

    For the record, a good fifteen years stand between those two pictures, with the last one above being taken a year ago. And if you like both theme and tones, you may download the (free) scrapbooking kit I used with the link provided in the credit sources.



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