• The Last Refugee

    Music & lyrics by Roger Waters

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    Obviously, the musical activity reports for my favourite artists this month is very hot. Prior to the release of Radiohead's remastered version of OK Computer including B-sides and three never-recorded-before tracks, plus new singles by Muse ("Dig Down") and Indochine ("La vie est belle"), after a gap of 25 years, Roger Waters, still committed as ever, comes up with this brilliant, magnificent new album entitled Is This The Life We Really Want? produced by none other than Nigel Godrich, regarded as the sixth member of Radiohead. If this record sounds as good as Pink Floyd's (before David's musheries), it's actually because HE is the Floyd. Aged 73, Grandpa Roger would definitely put many youngsters to shame! Definitely, my musical pick of the season. I, personally, will never forget that show in Paris, Bercy in 1984 with Eric Clapton. Gosh, it does feel like it was in another lifetime.


    Lie with me now
    Under lemon tree skies.
    Show me the shy, slow smile
    You keep hidden by warm brown eyes.
    Catch the sweet hover of lips just barely apart
    And wonder at love's sweet ache
    And the wild beat of my heart,
    O rhapsody tearing me apart!

    And I dreamed I was saying goodbye to my child.
    She was taking a last look at the sea,
    Wading through dreams, up to our knees
    In warm ocean swells
    While bathing belles,
    Soft beneath hard bitten shells,
    Punch their iPhones,
    Erasing the numbers of radon done lovers,
    And search the horizon.

    And you'll find my child
    Down by the shore,
    Digging a mound for a chain or a bone,
    Searching the sand for a relic washed up by the sea,
    The last refugee...

    © Roger Waters, 2017

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