• The Importance Of Emotional Neutrality

    Video by Lulumineuse transcribed & translated by Ey@el

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    According to self, it's as if we should remain in a state of emotional trance where we are super positive all the time. But it's all wrong! Because it's actually extrapolating. It's all about the divided principles as explained in another video.

    You can be in a high or low polarity emotional state. So, when you are in a high polarity, it's going to be extremely difficult to remain there. You cannot sustain it because a high polarity will automatically attract a low polarity. And you know why? It's because a connecting point is expected — the perfect point of neutrality.

    So, through the law of attraction, that high polarity when you really feel “so happy, so thrilled, so elated” is inevitably bound to bring on a moment where you will feel the opposite (because everything is ruled by the law of attraction). Therefore, you need not to reside in any polarity but at the junction point, ie neutrality.

    It amuses me because, not so long ago, my husband was so elated and ecstatic about leaving, I told him: “Stop it, can you just calm down!

    Yes, but I feel so happy! I'm SO happy!

    The problem is you're super happy NOW, but don't you realise every time you end up irritated and upset maybe within the next hour.

    Because exactly as I said one polarity brings on its opposite.

    No, I won't!

    And right after he starts getting tired of driving and everything.

    Oh, I've had enough, I need to stop ! Argh, I've missed the exit again!

    I tell him: “Look at yourself now, can't you see?

    And the truth is you don't always realise it.

    Finding the point of neutrality doesn't mean you can't be ecstatic, but feeling this way sends our emotions on a roller-coaster and it's no good for emotional control. You can be perfectly neutral and yet have a sense of fulfilment. You don't need to be totally ecstatic and jump up and down. You can be serene and feel fulfilled. This is what true neutrality feels like. In addition, it allows detachment.

    Transcribed & translated from French by Ey@el
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