• The End Of The World? … No, The End Of The Beginning

    Article by David Icke

    Stand by for Apocalypse hysteria in the few days left before we’re all doomed. It must be true, the Mayans said the cycle started 5,125 years ago and will end in global catastrophe in December 2012. Or did they? I have never seen the evidence, only reams and reams of complicated (where is my arse so I can disappear up it?) unsupportable gobbledygook and esoteric prattle …

    … Personally, I think the end of the world is on January 27th 2013 because the Mayans had a different letter system to the later western model. To them ‘J’ was our ‘F’ and so on, except, strangely, for the letter ‘U’ which corresponds in both cultures, although many scholars assert that the Mayan ‘U’ also corresponds with the modern ‘K’.


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