• The Deceivers

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    You are, you are the weakness
    You are, you are
    The sickness that’s in my soul
    You are you are you are the maker
    You are called greed and you’re a cheat
    You are you are you are the deceiver
    You are not welcome in my life

    ♫ "The Deceiver", The Alarm (1984)

    As it turns out impossible to embed this short video by Deep Media Times posted on Telegram, you may view it HERE on my VK page and read the transcript and translation from French below:

    So you consider all this is ridiculous?

    It's all a show indeed. The media are just entertainment companies designed to divert you, to make you look the other way and hijack your minds. They are designed to teach you to consume. The true and the false get all muddled up. There never has been any truth in the media unless it benefits people who don't have your best interest at heart.

    The system is “highly complex or even pernicious” (sic Macron). They are using hypnosis merely to make you more malleable and receptive to pedlars of dreams and purveyors of evil notions.

    The media are common places for your culture. Yes, they cultivate you to reap your consent. You are told how to think, who your enemies are today and who your friends will be tomorrow.

    Their cowardice and compliance make the media lie, rig, and disinform for political correctness.

    But you do know they are lying, don't you? You do know they are telling tales.


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