• The Dark Mark

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    It was a colossal skull, comprised of what looked like emerald stars, with a serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue. As they watched, it rose higher and higher, blazing in a haze of greenish smoke, etched against the black sky like a new constellation [...] which had now risen high enough to illuminate the entire wood like some grisly neon sign. [...]

    “It's the Dark Mark, Harry!” Hermione moaned, pulling him as hard as she could. “You-Know-Who's sign!”

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire © J.K. Rowling, 2000

    In commemoration of a fake revolution, based on a convenient rewriting of history as often is the case, we may not be entitled to the traditional fireworks (literally and figuratively in such a world of delusion1), but after a whole series of damp squibs, they are definitely not going to spare any efforts in trying to light the fuse to the powder keg. For sure, it's bound to lead to fireworks anyway, I'd bet my life on it!2

    And when the people are angry3, crowned heads do fall. That's the purpose of the game of chess. Who's the Bishop?4 Who's the King? Who's smoking joints?5 Who cares!6 But isn't it ironic that humanity should be affected by a coronavirus named after its shape reminiscent of the solar corona (corona is the latin word for 'crown') or halo and that of the Sol Invictus of the Greco-Roman antiquity? The same radiated solar crown worn by the Statue (status) of Liberty designed by Gustave Eiffel, a token of brotherhood friendship from the French Freemasons to the American Fremasons for the centennial of the Declaration of Independence of the United States (on 4th July).

    That COVID-19 (19 for the year of its release emergence) conveniently coinciding with NASA warning that the coming solar cycle 25 could produce 'monster flares' within the next few years and which appears to be kicking off (though we haven't seen anything yet), suggesting that “we could be in for a wild ride, as many have recognized a historical link between increased solar activity and major disruptive and revolutionary events for human societies”. (Source)

    You need to know that the energies from the Sun enter our energetic field through the crown chakra located on the top of our head (consciousness) and that the nineteenth Tarot arcana happens to be the Sun. But there's more: number 19 is considered a karmic number relating to misuse of power and subjugation. In French, using bird language, you may hear covid as 'co-empty' for 'emptying consciousness' and use the term covided which has the word 'ovis' in it, which is the genus name for sheep. It's all a matter of perception, as you were. It's just my honest view of the situation as it is and should not be taken for more that what it is. Though others might certainly decide otherwise. As always when egotic ignorance tries to fill the void with noise and keeps going after their own reflection in the mirror, failing to realise the 'other' is actually themself.

    Also, the word revolution refers to spirals and twirls as well as to the return of a planet or celestial body to its initial place. Incidentally, three planets of our solar system happen to be in their own sign right now for at least six more months (except for Neptune bound to reside in Pisces for five more years).

    It's all correlated by astrological energies with Mars in Aries (the living force, sheep) to joust horns with the three villains in long-term residence in Capricorn (hierarchy), namely spoilsport Saturn (also ruler of the sign) and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld whose power is amplified by good old Jupiter, the Roman Zeus. In short, it could fuel the fire as mentioned above and mean “an expansion of the forces of chaos and anarchy, or/and an expansion of the forces of purification and transformation” as Corina from Astro Magic explains.

    Jupiter symbolizes our spiritual teacher in this world. Pluto represents the transcendent force of Shiva in the eternal dance of death and rebirth, the Law of entropy and fertile chaos. [...] As you move through the intense depths of Pluto remember to get a good discipline to expunge fear and selfishness from your energetic field, and purify the spiritual intention at the core of your Being” she further advises.

    The numerological vibration of the day (1+4+7+2+0+2+0=16=1+6=7) only comforts the feeling of impending surprises with a 7 obtained from the reduction of a 16 which is represented by the Tarot arcana of the Tower and which Quebec numerologist Murielle Robert calls the 'releasing wake-up call'. We are requested to “dismiss the old structures which are no longer of any use to you. It is now time to get rid of the heavy coats of the past. Your pains, fears, wounds, and long-standing grudges need to find an outlet, get fresh air before the wind sweeps ashore on your emotions. Leave the past behind in order to move forward.”



    1. ^ There's an intentional pun here as in French, fireworks is 'feux d'artifice' which could literally translate to 'fires of delusion'.
    2. ^ Another pun as in French, to bet your life on something is literally to 'put your head on the block' in direct reference to the guillotine during the French Revolution.
    3. ^ In French, there's an expression to mean angry, that is literally to 'become bangers' (or 'firecrackers' for our American readers).
    4. ^ In French, the word for bishop in chess is the same as for 'fool'.
    5. ^ Again, in French, another word for joint is 'pétard' which is the same used for bangers (or firecrackers).
    6. ^ The slang for 'nobody cares' in French actually sounds like the word 'fool' (on s'en fout).

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