• The Contagious Trap

    Article by Aajonus Vonderplanitz

    I'm aware this article may upset many. However, I would like to remind you that I am NOT the author. Nor do I 100% agree with what is being said. The reason is simply that my personal journey has not led me to this stage of Truth yet and I'm still unsure about certain things, although deep inside I can feel it might change anytime soon. It's up to each of us to form our own view to the best of our knowledge. I'm only sharing this as food for thoughts and NOT as the Absolute Truth! In order to clarify any misinterpretation, I would like to add that it is NO WAY about disregarding hygiene. For instance, you should ALWAYS disinfect a wound when you hurt yourself. It sounds obvious though, but you never know. Also, it is almost certain that if you are under stress or suffer from malnutrition (which happens for more people than you would think with nutrient-poor modern food which clogs the body), you create the suitable conditions for illness, and bacteria which are normally harmless for healthy people won't be for you. Please, make sure you keep these points in mind before commenting “this is rubbish”. Cancel culture is for dummies. Censorship is for cowards. Objective dialogue is for the bold who wish to progress. This repost is for you. The others can go troll somewhere else.

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    Thinking that diseases are contagious is false and blocks our peace of mind. We blame animals, other people and microbes for our diseases. If we blame others for our illnesses, including microbes within us, we trap our minds into thinking that diseases are not a part of us. We believe that we are helpless victims. Subconsciously we believe that we cannot and must not trust nature, creatures and our fellow man.

    When we believe that someone “gave” us a disease, we automatically think we must attack that person and our bodies to remove the disease. Everyone is scathed in wars, including victors. Reality is that diseases come from industrial toxicity only. And when toxicity accumulates, it often destroys parts of or entire systems in our bodies. I have heard so many people claim that an ex boyfriend or girlfriend gave them herpes virus. In cases of herpes, toxins such as heavy metals store in nerves. Everyone has metal in her/his nerves in our industrial societies. We may not know that we have metals in nerves because we do not have signals (symptoms). Often metallic minerals cluster and cannot pass out of nerve endings easily. However, when our bodies decide to detoxify metals from our nerve-endings and it causes painful sores, we discover we have herpes.

    The greatest myth and trap of society today besides the banking system is that microbes cause disease. Many astute people chide me for my resoluteness that bacteria NEVER cause human disease. Since very intelligent people all over the world firmly believe the pharmaceutical and medical theory that bacteria and other microbes cause most human diseases, I must be crazy. I have not seen ANY clear-cut evidence that proves microbes cause human diseases. Maybe that myth believed today is as sensible and true as the belief that the world is flat... Why do people believe that microscopic creatures could usurp entire bodies and bodily systems but dangerous chemicals that kill bacteria are safe for ourbodies?

    Our bodies are 90-99% bacteria. There are 100 times more bacterial DNA in our bodies than human DNA. Therefore, we are actually 99% bacterial and 1% human. Every microbiologist is taught and programmed during collegiate years to believe that some bacteria are malicious and dangerous. They do not see that the cells that are eaten by some bacteria are already dying or dead. Professors point to those bacteria and say, “they are eating cells; there is your evidence that some bacteria are harmful.” Everyone is taught this incorrect biochemistry that is myth. Students are not given the opportunity to study them with an open mind. If they did, they would eventually find that those so-called bad bacteria are simply janitors, consuming severely damaged, dying or dead cells.

    Corporations that control the media and government constantly brainwash us with rhetoric stating that microbes cause disease. Corporations make chemicals that are dangerous to us and our environment but tell us that their new or improved product will somehow save us from disease because it destroys microscopic creatures. Since our bodies are 90-99% bacteria, that makes as much sense as 900+47=1.

    People who live more in nature and on farms do not easily accept such propaganda because they see healthy animals licking and eating fecal matter off each other's butts and thriving. Do farmhands ever see animals washing their hooves and faces before they eat? Do they ever see animals clean their troughs before they eat? Do they see animals vibrantly healthy in the midst of so called microbial contamination?

    Health departments bombard us with news-bites that microbes attack us. For decades E.coli was blamed for tens of thousands of cases of food poisoning resulting in severe vomit and/or diarrhea, and some deaths. However, in about 1985, as more microbiologists observed that E.coli is a helpful and harmless natural part of bowel digestion, medicine and government diverted attention from their general E.coli-blaming to a newly created monster E.coli 0157:H7 (genetically modified?). I did not hear one peep from the scientific community and government apologizing for decades of prejudice against E.coli.

    Instead, they ushered to the stage this new varmint E.coli 0157:H7. To this day, I have not found one 0157:H7 in nature, including at the infamous California fields of spinach “contamination” or at factory-farms. The only 0157:H7 I have been able to observe is a culture given to me by a university professor who got his culture from the FDA/CDC. Is this man-made creature being planted in society, hospitals and food to continue brainwashing us into believing our microbial nature is bad and that industrial chemical poisons are good? Microbial “pathogenic” activity in food does not cause food-poisoning or disease. 

    Industrial agricultural chemicals, food additives and processing cause food-poisoning, period. Health departments are empowered with the job of protecting people from contamination. However, their hands are tied by Big Pharmacy, Big Food and Big Industry who are the real culprits creating disease. So, who can people that are entrusted with our health blame for diseases? They blame Nature and Creation’s big mistakes, microbes! They want us to believe that although man has lived at least 4 million years amongst microbes and is 90-99% microbes, microbes are giving us diseases and killing us.

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