• The Christmas corner

    Graphic by Ey@el

    Corner shown in full size and available with 4 different coloured gems.

    Herewith I offer you this corner that I have created using four different coloured gems with Pain Shop Pro in order to make a tube you may use in you graphic designs. To use it, just paste your chosen corner as a new layer on the top left corner of your picture. Duplicate this new layer and flip it horizontally to have it on the top right corner. Duplicate again and flip vertically to have it on the bottom right corner. Finally duplicate one last time and flip horizontally to have it on the bottom left corner. Et voilà !

    Download tube

    This PNG may be easily converted back into a genuine picture tube for Paint Shop Pro (see Related articles).



    • "Santa" by Susan Comish
    • Picture frame made by myself using "Silent Night" tutorial by Designs by Sandee (site no longer online)

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