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    Conspiracy theorists are annoying because they're often right and in the long run their theories tend to turn into hard facts. So I was definitely not mistaken when I warned you that 2021 would be much worse than 2020; that humanity would be split in two; that there would be a parting of the ways; and that we would ALL be forced to make a choice. A crucial decision we had to take willy-nilly, even though some already regret giving in to the demands or listening to the sirens' song which promised them they could have their (much loathed) old lives back.

    If only the majority could step back and take an unbiased look at their own logic to see how incoherent it all is... this macabre farce would cease immediately. We could then start building a new world on sound and fair foundations, which would be nothing like the one we left behind. For after biting its own tail for so long, the Snake eventually ate itself.

    The Talion Sleeps Tonight

    Running around in circles,
    Feeling caged by endless rules...
    Free me! Free me!
    Free me from this world,
    I don't belong here,
    It was a mistake imprisoning my soul...

    ♫ "Explorers", Muse (2012) 

    The Ouroboros, this symbol of infinity actually represents the wheel of karma perpetuated by the enforcement of the Lex Talionis Law, trapping humanity into an endless cycle of cause and effect. Imagine serving a life sentence inside a washing machine or a centrifuge? Which of the chicken or the egg... How coincidental 2022 looks like a family of swans trailing a gigantic egg!

    An eye for an eye is only a feature of the weak as it takes a lot of courage (heart) to forgive (yourself more than anyone else). Forgiveness has, of course, nothing to do with condoning. As for the false sense of impunity frequently invoked by the unreliable autopilot (ego) to justify his dismissing the guidance of his air traffic controller (soul), it is nothing other than a deliberate programming error meant to prevent us from taking off, leaving all excess baggage behind.

    The ego is totally unaware of the Universal Laws of Life. The Law of Cause and Effect supersedes the Law of Free Will. In other words, you are free to choose, think, believe, say, decide and do whatever you want, but you are also fully accountable for all your choices, thoughts, beliefs, words, decisions and actions.

    Reality is not limited to what your five senses perceive and thus you are mistaken and deluded if you think impunity does apply to some people. In truth, no one knows what it's like to be in another person's shoes. There's always more than meets the eye. You can never know for sure what's happening behind closed doors. The Great Whole moves in mysterious ways and we are all holders of its Truth but in tiny different fractions just like the many pieces of an unfinished jigsaw puzzle.

    While arrogance may cause you to hit rock-bottom, humility will uplift you above the highest mountains.

    The Allegory of the Mirror

    You certainly didn't fail to notice that all values have now been inverted and that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. It's normal. That's the split-up I was talking about where some chose to walk through the looking glass while others didn't. Hence each party believes their reality is the real one and that the other is inverted. How do you know which side of the mirror you're on then?

    Well, that's pretty simple: you just take a few steps back. The fake reality won't allow you to step out of the box to see beyond the mirror's reflecting scope. Conversely, in the other reality, you are only limited by your desire and ability to take the necessary steps back as far as you're willing to go. While the first provides a narrow perspective which keeps shrinking (single worldview), the latter keeps expanding. The only way to escape con-fine-ment would be to smash the mirror, but since it's a mental metaphor of Hawkins' vibratory scale (as shown opposite), you'll have to raise your vibration to ever hope to get out of the fly trap.

    Can you see now the real stake of this war of attrition waged against humanity and which takes place in our minds rather than in the battlefields?

    Gaining perspective is essential if you want to avoid becoming what you fight and falling with the invisible enemy.

    The Year of the Planetary Ascension

    When a human being embraces Love on a purely emotional level, they become slaves to their own torments and may dread the good times on account of their transient if not disturbing nature. They are more concerned about what could go wrong or amiss than committing to instant gratitude. Control reassures them and happiness becomes a perpetual quest, keeping them away from the Light of the Now.

    In the world unfolding before us, some need to embody the present so as to make it thrive in bliss and newfound Light. While others will have to cope with their own inner prisons until the day when they can look within as an initial glimmer of infinity.

    No one can remove the inner barriers of their brothers and sisters, but you can all deeply inspire those around you. Not by pointing at the beacon in the night, but by embodying the Light of the beacon. Just like a sun only offering its luminous presence, the immense aura of which impregnates every being.

    You can't pull at a flower to make it grow faster. But you can create and nurture the conditions for it to bloom.

    26 Dec. 2021

    Numerology-wise, 2022 is a universal 6 year of responsibility, love and service, while the triple twos and the zero of infinity amplify the need for cooperation. Number 6 corresponds to the Lover (or Crossroads) card in traditional tarot and “becomes the principle of conscious choice, the awareness of the bounds we build from experience and grow to better our involvement and learn useful lessons in the light of our own needs. [...] Love in all its diversity and multiplicity will become the unifying link.”(Source)

    22 is a master number related to the Fool (or Jester) card which represents evolution, “the principle of freedom and truth standing as the culmination of a stage to start a new equally progressive one. Everything moves in circles along a spiral to push us towards new experiences so as to learn their inherent truth. Learning and the desire to know will be essential to whether you follow your own star or chase your tail without ever risking or daring to venture into the unknown.” (Source)

    A new year beginning with a moonless night (new moon tomorrow), the third and last historical show of strength between Saturn and Uranus, and Pluto the Great Reformer moving into Sidereal Capricorn (power, institutions, establishment) in early February after two decades in Sagittarius (beliefs, religions, dogmas, philosophy, international finances). But we shall discuss that in another article next month to celebrate the Year of the Water Tiger.

    May the Force be with you.


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    Très très bien dit!  Brillant.

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        Merci my friend smile

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