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    In the aftermath of the atrocities committed on this Friday 13th, the unsuperstitious may change their views. Never mind those who escaped the slaughter at the Eagles of Death Metal gig at the Bataclan who will be forever traumatised. I, personally, would never have imagined I could ever write something so prophetic as I did yesterday unknowingly starting my post with “cursed is the day” (see Related articles). Actually, it was almost automatic writing. So much insight can be downright freaky.

    I wasn't Charlie, I won't be Paris either. This doesn't mean I have no empathy or am not horrified by this bloodshed. Who wouldn't? Have a guess! In anyway, not me. And not you either.

    Simply, this all comes as no surprise at all on the eve of G20 in Turkey to discuss response to terrorism. And of course, all that occurring just a couple of weeks ahead of COP21 scheduled in Paris, expected to be a major milestone for the NWO agenda, yet somehow compromised with 130 countries threatening not to sign the climate agreement and worldwide protestors organising to demonstrate in the French capital (check my repost on this issue next week).

    The opening night of the Festival

    In short, various scenarios are obviously considered and they seem to have opted for a whole festival. It all looks like the Oscar will go again to a gore movie (Braindead 2?)1. Much simpler than psychological thrillers or disaster movies, it has the additional benefit of not requiring any convoluted script to win over audiences nor involving international stars. Just a couple of bearded mind- controlled (and probably microchipped) maniacs equipped with grenades, machine-guns, several plastic charges and... tttta-ta-ta-ta... boom! A bloodbath. Pieces of burnt flesh splattering the walls. Souls being brutally snatched from their bodies. Absolute horror, pain, panic, terror, trauma, and then anger. Paris Kalashnikov: the weight of wounds after the impact of false flags.2

    Your mind is just a program
    And I'm the virus.
    I'm changing the station,
    I'll improve your thresholds.
    I'll turn you into a super drone ...

    "Psycho", Muse (2015)

    Mental programming

    Why does it all come as no surprise? Just stop all the restlessness for a while and pay attention to whatever thoughts are running through your head. Sort them out and get rid of the implants. Take a look around at what the mainstream media won't tell you.

    Incidentally, in her September newsletter, Laura Marie wrote:

    At the same time, opposing forces to the liberation and empowerment of humanity (which would ultimately mean their own eviction) are attempting to counter the effects of those increasingly high vibrations by launching more attacks and spreading more darkness (by creating global conflicts, weather-related disasters, tragedies). You must therefore be extremely vigilant at present and pay attention to your thoughts and to the quality of your living environment and food. These low vibrating psychic attacks are meant to weaken our immune system and take advantage of our current physical fatigue and that our guard is down and our aura vulnerable to interfere with our physical and subtle bodies as well as our minds. Hence the increased mind control and the artificial thoughts running through our heads more than ever to make us confused, depressed or suicidal. You must NOT listen to these thoughts. The technology developed by these civilisations and the government is far more advanced than most human beings can actually conceive right now, yet it is real and it's certainly there. Mind control has been going on for ages within the military-industrial complex. They found out how to implant external thoughts into the mind of soldiers decades ago. This is how they can get them to cold-bloodedly kill women and children. For that's what they have been programmed to. The mind is just like software. It can be programmed and monitored from the outside just like a video-game character.

    ~ Laura Marie, "Transition"

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

    Now, cast your patronuses, the Dementors3 have been let out!



    1. ^ Braindead is the title of the awarded movie on the last session of the International Fantastic Film Festival in Avoriaz, France, in 1993.
    2. ^ Pun made out of the slogan of French weekly news magazine Paris Match which is “the weight of words, the shock of pictures”.
    3. ^ In Harry Potter, Dementors are creatures who feed on our happiness and end up eating our souls away. To protect themselves, capable wizards can cast a spell which involves happy or positive thoughts to produce a Patronus, which is an energy shield in the shape of their soul in animal form.

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