• The Abolition of The Time Change System

    Article by Le Gorafi

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    As of now, the European Parliament has agreed on the suppression of the time change system so that it would be 4:57 am at all times everywhere in Europe.

    A major success for those in favour of the abolition of time change. So this is it: the European Parliament has voted to put a definitive stop to legal clock change. As from 1st January 2019 at 4:57 am, time will never ever change anymore for E.U. citizens.

    Such a drastic decision is a matter of concern for many, especially for retailers worried about business hours. “Normally, my shop opens at 9 o'clock, what should I do now?” asks Valerian who's been considering leaving Europe upon hearing the news. “I'm seriously thinking about leaving the E.U. and relocate to Serbia where I've heard it will soon be 6:14 pm at all times, which is very useful for a business like mine”.

    In contrast, some extremists had suggested the opposite i.e. more time changes during the year. Actually, a number of MP's had introduced a bill to reset clocks 12 hours and 13 minutes back every other day except on weekends.

    Despite the controversy, the decision some consider a “breakthrough” is generally welcome: “I am very happy, it will be very good for business” confides the manager of some kebab restaurant in Paris.

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