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    Gotcha! Sorry, couldn't resist the cliché. If you're still there, worry not I haven't fallen into shallowness and sensationalism to gain more clicks (what's the use since I haven't chosen those ugly ads that ruin my blog and for which I do not get a penny?). I just thought it was fun to hijack a (commercial) special occasion to write about a minor yet annoying problem which affects most of us, men and women alike, on a daily basis: dry, cracked or chapped lips.

    We generally use moisturisers and weather protection on our faces, but we tend to neglect our lips which are yet continuously exposed to UV radiation, pollution, wind, cold or dry air. The skin of our lips is actually a continuation of the lining of our mouth and its complete absence of sebaceous glands and melanin pigments is what makes it so vulnerable.

    Of course, there can be other aggravating factors such as dehydration, vitamin deficiency, the consumption of some medicines and drugs, or if you tend to breathe through your mouth. But in most cases, you can prevent all this by exfoliating and moisturising your lips. This is what I'm proposing with the following simple DIY recipes suitable for everyone, men included.

    Raspberry Sugar Lip Scrub


    • 0,5 g bee wax
    • 0,4 ml vegetable glycerin
    • 4,5 ml oil extract (fig, vanilla, etc.)
    • 1 teaspoon cane sugar
    • 0,01 g pink oxide (optional)
    • 4 g raspberry natural flavouring (or any other)


    Melt wax and oil in a double boiler. Add remaining ingredients, stirring well after each addition. Transfer immediately into a small 10ml jar. Let it stand for 30 minutes in the fridge to harden. May keep for 6 months.

    Use once a week before bedtime. Spread a little on your lips and rub gently to remove dead skin. Remove surplus with a tissue or cotton pad.

    NOTE: The colouring and flavouring are optional. I've added them to make it more pleasant to use. You may make your own oil extract or use a simple regenerating vegetable oil. These are usually rare and expensive but you may find them in small bottle (typically 10 ml for less than 2€) in specialised shops, which is a good way to test different oils for a ridicule cost and avoid wasting a large bottle because it turned rancid. Personally, I've used fig oil for its both regenerating and restructuring properties and the raspberry flavouring makes it irresistible!

    Cocoa Almond Lip Balm


    • 1 g candellila wax
    • 2,5 g cocoa butter
    • 2,5 g hazelnut oil
    • 1 drop vitamin E
    • 1 drop bitter almond essential oil


    Melt wax, butter and oil in a double boiler. Add remaining ingredients and transfer immediately into a lip stick or a 10 ml jar. Let stand for 30 minutes in the fridge to harden.

    NOTE: I've already posted a lip balm recipe with coconut oil (see Related articles), but I prefer this one which is smoother and more moisturising. The bitter almond essential oil is a killer, but you may replace it with any natural flavouring (4 drops) such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc., or another essential oil. However, use with care and check the properties of the oil you want to use and respect dosage as some oils can have irritative or photosensitising effects.

    Natural Lip Gloss


    • 9 g vegetable lanolin
    • 10 drops vegetable glycerin
    • 2 drops natural flavouring (optional)
    • 0,2 g beige mica powder


    Mix all ingredients together and transfer to a small bottle or 10 ml jar.

    Use to make up and protect lips or over lipstick for glossy effect.

    That's all folks! Now smiling won't crack your lips open and your kisses won't feel like sandpapering anymore.



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