• Storming Day

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    When I get cornered
    I fancy a French summer —
    A perfect summer
    Where nothing could happen to me.
    Sorry for the national frost,
    Such a hellish country —
    Slow death on the way!

    "Un été français", Indochine (2017)

    On this day of national affront, if the pastille's so bitter you can't swallow it, why not storming the Bastille instead? Oops, sorry, totally forgot it'd already happened some 229 years ago! So the infamous fortress initially designed to protect the second gateway at the eastern edge of Paris — also used as a prison to detain bad puppets — was actually totally torn down in 1789. A couple of decades later, after a second French revolution — less popular in people's minds but just as bloody — it was replaced by the famous July Column surmounted with a winged spirit on a gilded globe, the shackles of slavery in one hand and the torch of the Illuminati in the other (as a direct reference to the myth of Prometheus who stole the light from the gods and was chained to the top of a mountain by Zeus/Jupiter), and the golden Guiding Star (Venus) on top of his head. Venus is also known as Phosphorus/Lucifer “the bringer of dawn” in the morning and Hesperus/Vesper in the evening. Note that the word “revolution” stems from the latin word revolutio which means cycle, deriving from revolvere “roll back, instigating a circular motion, revolving to a starting point”. Ron, ron, ron, little patapon1, if you can't see the outrage, stay in line with the flock. If you do, remember that as required by the law of free will and consent, the truth has always been lying (no pun intended here) right there before our very eyes to see for he who is willing to look from a higher perspective. I'm not encouraging you to storm the July Column — storm the Shadows over Orion2 would be a much better option.



    1. "Il pleut, il pleut, bergère" is a French rhyming song about a shepherdess (French queen Marie Antoinette), which would have been sung for the creation of the National Guard after Bastille Day in July 1789. Its author would also have hummed it on the scaffold on the day of his execution a couple of years later.
    2. "À l'assaut des ombres sur l'Ô", Indochine (1985) literally translating to “tracking down the shadows over O”.

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