• Stay Away from Converging Catastrophes

    Article by Zen Gardner

    One can only marvel in a macabre sort of way how all this is being perpetrated on humanity and our planet. To think some invasive force from some unknown realm is behind all of these ongoing engineered catastrophes is not the least bit preposterous. It’s certainly otherworldly from the human perspective.

    And it’s downright creepy.

    Something or someone is out to cripple and kill off most of humanity. It’s as overt as it gets and continues to escalate. The quick list includes massive radiation, chemtrails, GMOs, EMFs, fluoride and other poisons in our water, fracking and other disastrous oil industry effects, tainted food, vaccines, the over drugging of society, and the imposition of limitations on personal liberties including farming our own food or collecting our own water.


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