• Starlight

    Graphic by Ey@el

    Original en français

    Far away,
    The ship is taking me far away,
    Far away from the memories
    Of the people who care
    If I live or die.

    I will be chasing the starlight
    Until the end of my life.
    I don't know
    If it's worth it anymore.

    "Starlight", Muse (2006)

    Bits and pieces here and there... those who of you who have been following me for sometime now may have easily understood that Muse amuses me, Muse is my muse, and that their hit song "Starlight" does brighten up my darkest hours (click on the above link to listen). Like the Elves in Tolkien's Silmarillion who worshipped the starlight, I enjoy laying on the grass in summer, gazing at leisure at the starry heavens — despite the vicious bloody assaults of Satan's musketeers that nothing including holy water (lemongrass) ever seems to repel. Maybe there's a guiding light for mosquitoes up there in the skies? In such case, I won't stop chasing it until the end of my life to send it into a supermassive black hole: “ Our hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations...


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