• Sound Healing: The Power of Sound

    Article by Peter Paul Parker

    In last week's article, I was telling you how I asked Ed O'Brien (from Radiohead) on a chat on Reddit his view on tuning music to 432 Hz (DNA's natural resonance) and he told me that the effects of this frequecy are really profound and that his whole next album will be recorded in 432 and 444 Hz (antistress healing frequency).

    I also mentioned reading The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock because I was under the impression that he had a strong interest in quantum physics. Which he immediately confirmed: “I'm really interested in a lot of this stuff... the place where science meets spirituality. Quantum physics is fascinating. I'm basically interested in anything that tries to explain this extraordinary thing called life and living on a sphere rotating around a central Sun. I mean when you pull out... how extraordinary is this??!!

    About ten days earlier, this time on a Q&A held on Twitter by The Sunday Times, I had asked him if, like Edgar Cayce, he believed that “music will be the medicine of tomorrow”. And he totally agreed with that: “Music is frequency. Look at the physics of it all. Everything operates at a frequential level. All diseases have their frequency. Discover what that frequency is and you then have your way in. Bio resonance does this I believe. Very interesting. My dentist did bio resonance in my mouth after extracting a tooth. No blood and no pain!

    If you didn't know, bioresonance therapy is a quatum medicine which can check health terrains, detect electromagnetic anomalies within organs and correct them in a non invasive way with the use of electromagnetic waves of very low intensity. Consider the irony when Wikipedia (as to be expected from such a disinformation tool) explains that bioresonance is a 'pseudoscientific medical practice' urecognised by mainstream medecine and claims that “scientific research did not show any superior effect than that of a placebo effect”. QED! The placebo effect is simply proving the power of mind over matter. And what does the mind do? It produces thought forms-frequencies. These people feel so superior they're getting bogged down into their own logic!

    I also intended to post an article about the very controversial research of Dr Royal Rife who knew that everything has its own natural vibrational frequency and believed that in discovering the frequencies of pathogenic microorganisms, he could destroy them using the same vibrational frequency just like opera singers shatter glasses using their voice at the matching frequency. But I still haven't found time to conduct tests and continue my research to have a little bit more than pure theory to write about. In the meantime, until I can report about my spectacular achievements (or failures), you may go and do some digging by yourself. Do avoid pots calling the kettle black who use their officiality to warn you against disinformation. I'm afraid you'll have to use your own discernment there as no one can do that for you.


    In the beginning was the word and the word was God. The Hebrew translation for word can also been interpreted as sound. There are ancient mystics and sages who believe that the sound Aum or Om is the sound of creation. So, if the word of God was a sound, could that be the reason for this material creation?

    Back in the 1960’s Swiss scientist Dr. Hans Jenny researched the Cymatic frequencies and how they influence physical form. His exploration of the effects of Cymatic frequencies on matter came up with some breathtaking results, and I have included the links at the end of this article. As Cymatics shows us, sound creates form and really does affect our physical condition in many ways. Sound also has the power to heal, and this is what I aim to explore with this article.

    Jonathan Reid is another Cymatic researcher, who is a musician and a scientist. Jonathan was researching these Cymatic patterns within the walls of the Kings chamber inside the Great Pyramid. He was experiencing great back pain while conducting the experiments, and later realised that the pain had disappeared and never came back, and it was the culmination of the sound frequencies that healed his back. We do use sound for healing in hospitals today in the form of ultrasound, which is used to heal tissue, can decrease swelling and gives a gentle massage to the affected area. So we already use sound in today’s modern world for healing and health, but all the possibilities have not been explored as yet. Let us go back in history and see where this was used then.


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