• Somewhere At The End Of The Rainbow

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    I'm on a roll!
    I'm on a roll!
    This time I feel
    My luck could change.

    ♫ "Lucky", Radiohead (1997)

    In Irish mythology, a pot of gold is hidden at the end of rainbows by leprechauns which are mischievous little fairy creatures akin to grumpy pixies and spend their time playing nasty tricks on humans.

    This legend originates from long ago, in 795 when Vikings invaded Ireland and were known for burying their loot in undisclosed locations which leprechauns found and buried again at the end of rainbows so no man could ever find it.

    Of course, rainbows do not have an end since their arch shape is an illusion — they are actually full circles reflected from raindrops and seem to move farther from us as we move toward them. In most European countries though, rainbows herald fair weather after rainy days and are often linked to exhilaration, joy and happy changes of fortune.

    A rainbow is also a symbol of hope, patience and renewal. All we need on this Saint Patrick Day prior to the spring equinox, long considered the true beginning of the year and also the astrological New Year's Day (as the Sun moves at zero degree Aries, the first sign of the zodiac).

    May the odds be with us!


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