• Solsticial Downpour

    Graphic by Ey@el

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    Rain down!
    Rain down!
    Come on rain down on me
    From a great height...
    From a great height...

     "Paranoid Android", Radiohead (1997)

    For better or for worse, here we are at the gates of the Summer Solstice as the shortest night of the year will be unfolding under the powerful gaze of the full moon. A rare occurrence: the sun will enter the sign of Cancer on the 20th and not on the 21st as usual (at 10:34 pm UK time) in the context of a planetary Grand Square. As if the climate wasn't tense enough! These clashing energies should put a strain on our minds (Mercury), causing confusion (Neptune square), outbursts (Jupiter square), and utmost frustration (Saturn opposition). In other words, the sky is about to fall! In facing this flow of darkness, it is essential for our own salvation to place a high priority on maintaining our precarious inner balance so we won't get swayed by outside influences all focused on discouraging and destabilising us.


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