• Sing For Absolution

    Graphic and poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

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    Down from the July Column and with both feet,
    The winged Genius of Liberty
    Took the leap.
    A fallen angel crashed to the crowd,
    His rights and faith
    All forfeited
    Up on the cold streets.

    And what did the people do to prevent that?
    Abused, disenchanted,
    They looked away
    In dismay,
    Staring at the bloody false flags
    Waving in the wind.

    Stirred up by fate,
    To the beat of drums,
    Sick at heart,
    They began
    Their war chant:

    Soulless citizens,
    Embrace the delusion,
    Now, now!
    Spill the sinful blood,
    Make it flow!



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