• Simple Tools For When Anxiety Shows Up In Your Life

    Article and video by Derek Lovell

    It’s easy for anxiety to spiral out of control and take over, leaving us feeling that we are stuck, that there are no other options or that nobody understands. Those of you that experience anxiety can understand how challenging it can be to get through the feeling and thought patterns it creates within you. Most would likely choose to escape the feeling rather than to work through it, which I can understand as it is very uncomfortable to deal with.

    So much personal growth and healing comes from being uncomfortable. I have learned to find gratitude in feeling discomfort as I know it now to be a time of transformation and opportunity to bring awareness to my lifestyle, diet and thought patterns. It is common to fear uncomfortable feelings or situations but when we can sit with any emotion or feeling that presents itself to us, then we are able to move past those emotions and feelings much sooner than if we choose to avoid, escape or distract ourselves from them. Here are some simple tools to keep in mind for the next time anxiety comes up for you.

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