• Sierranon

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    Original en français

    What exactly is Sierranon? In truth, this is pure theory as I'm not certain for sure. I first heard the name in a dream where in order to escape a place where I was held prisoner, I had to write an essay on Sierranon. Was it a person? A place? I don't know and the further course of the dream never provided any clue. However, upon waking up it occured to me that it was a Spanish word meaning "odd mountain" — that which is uneven and therefore not subject to duality; that which is not akin to anything. As words failed to express my gut feeling about Sierranon, I attempted to complete my assignment combining various bits and pieces of pictures (the true language of dreams). What if, like the Lonely Mountain of the dwarves in search for the Arkenstone in Tolkien's book, Sierranon was just the secret dwelling of our imagination? Or perhaps the guardian of all the riches within?

    A mote in the eye of the beholder
    A forged memory to play with
    The illusion one must let go of
    To finally pass the threshold


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