• Shops told they have to offer ‘tap-and-go’

    Article by Alisha Rouse

    The war on cash is a war on freedom. I have been warning about the cashless society for decades — it's a massive trap. When all cash is gone, how do you buy anything when the computer says “no” to your digital money? EXACTLY — THAT'S THE IDEA !

    ~ David Icke

    At the time of renewing my debit card last year, I received a letter from my bank informing me that it would now come with the so-called added contactless facility enabling payment without entering your PIN code, and that it would come all “free” with no extra fee to my annual subscription. In that letter, it was also stipulated, in small print, that in accordance with legislation, I had a couple of days to decline the new offer. Of course, I had no intention of accepting such a measure as I could sense the mega trap it would lead to. The fact that everybody has donated their brains to evil facilities doesn't mean I'm going to act against my own conscience. So, immediately upon receipt of this notification, I went to my local branch to request a new card without the imposed cashless facility. Only I was told it was too late for that as the card had already been edited. I had to get it destroyed and order a new one! Last but not least, the lad at the counter said I would be charged two subscriptions but my account would be re-credited later with the extra fee plus the whole period when I would be unable to use my card on pro rata. Another devious means to make money at the expense of customers. Our accounts may not yield interest (or so little), multiply a couple of euros by the number of people banks screw up this way and it quickly amounts to millions if not billions of euros. And it's perfectly legal. Holy s***!

    Where’s the truth? What’s the use?
    I’m hanging around lost and found
    And then you’re here, innocent
    Fat chance, no plan
    No regard for human life

     "The Daily Mail", Radiohead (2011)

    The article below, reposted from David Icke's website, actually comes from the Daily Mail which is Britain's second best-selling daily rag after The Sun. No surprises it merely delivers the NWO propaganda in plenty with unsubtle keywords galore.


    Contactless payment points could be compulsory in every UK shop within the next five years. Every British retailer will have to offer the tap-and-go system in a move that may also spell the end of £5 minimum spend rules.

    Shops will continue to accept regular card payments but under new rules introduced by Visa and Mastercard shopkeepers will be forced to provide a contactless payment method by 2020.


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