• Serial Killers

    Graphic and poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

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    Out of the blue
    There it is
    Turbulent, delusive
    All wrapped up in smooth
    Lavish glamour,
    The lame remainder
    Of some fruitless
    Meditating effort
    To drive it home
    And lose myself
    On the winding road
    Of some criminal thought
    Not incestuous though,
    Yet most certainly flawed.
    Over righteous
    And too respectful
    Of the choice to be
    Doubtless and doubtfree
    Thus presuming
    I'm perpetuating
    The mighty fancy
    Of some loving dream.
    The voice went silent;
    So much love had killed it.


    About this piece

    • The title is kind of elusive as it refers to the original text written solely with adjectives ending in “tueuse” (literally -tuous) which sounds and spells like “killer” in feminine gender in French. Although all puns are obviously untranslatable, I decided to give my best rendition of it so here is.
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