• Self-Love: How To Stay Centred In Times Of Trouble

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    To stay centred and aligned with yourself is the same as maintaining your inner peace. You cannot achieve inner peace while focusing your attention on the outside. In other words, in times of trouble, I can't wait for things on the outside to turn right in order to find inner peace because it will never happen. It's been this way for thousands of years on this planet with all the crimes committed against humans, animals and everything.

    You cannot be at peace while waiting for the outside world to be at peace. No, you need to find your own peace first as it's only when eight billion human beings find their own inner peace that things will begin to change and that peace can be created. Peace needs to be created inside first and not until everything settles down on the outside. It's not “Okay, now everything's fine so I'm fine too!” It's not the way it goes.

    So how can you stay centred in times of trouble?

    Of course, we're constantly affected by external sources from people under stress, news on TV,  social media... anything which has a negative impact and which you consume just like junk food. At this point, it's very important to limit those influences.

    It's exactly the same as when you eat candy all day. Make no mistake, after a while it's going to affect your health. You will develop tooth cavities, become overweight or... I don't know. There are many possible consequences. Same here: what you watch, what you listen to, what you understand, and the folks you hang around with do have a tremendous impact on your state of mind and your state of being.

    First of all, you'll need to be even more selective within because you will be constantly subjected to negative influences. Thus you feel urged to dig deep, sort things out, etc., and in addition, it truly sucks your energy because it's very hard to stay afloat when you're exposed to toxic fumes all the time. It's hard not be impacted when all this toxicity is blown a you.

    So the first thing is to surround yourself with the right people. There are people, in my opinion, whom I can love best if there is a safe distance between us. We do understand that they're dwelling in their own consequences and do not necessarily wish to create harmony within. It's either because they're unable to or because they don't get the point. In short, your role is not to convince them anyway. So these people have their own path to travel.

    It doesn't mean you have to bear the consequences of their chosen path so you'll find there are people you appreciate better when they're not around and when you don't have to constantly interact with them because every time you do, you feel drained when you get back home or after a phone-call. I'm sure thousands of people experience this on a daily basis. They know when they get a call from this particular person that they will get drained and exhausted afterwards. There is a reason to that. These are warning signs. We are sensitive beings. We know and we feel things. We don't need to express them to feel them. So, it's important to limit the impact of external influences.

    Some people come to me in a panic and say “Ahaa! There we go, I don't know who to believe or what to listen to. What's next, Lulu?” First of all, stop reading about anything and everything everywhere right now. What good does it do except delving into your fears? Do you want to control the future? Nobody knows, nobody can. The only thing you can control is your present moment in the Now. You need to stay aligned with it because the only thing you can control today is your state of being in the Now. You cannot hold anything outside of you, you cannot control events. But you can control yourself, yes you can. You can be the master of the thoughts transiting inside.

    Acquiring mastery over involutive emotions for the common good

    When you start getting mad at something —  a self-help concept I totally disagree with is when people say you need to live your emotions to the full. So when you're angry, you need to live your anger to the full! Come on, that 's how infanticides are committed every day. In two months during lockdown, hundreds of thousands of children got killed this way. So no, you don't do this. “I acknowledge there is a feeling of anger growing in me and I'm fully aware that it can hack me off and prompt me to take action in something totally uncentred.”

    Anger can create an enormous storm within that will affect all my organs, awashing them with destructive energy and extremely low frequencies, and thus weaken my immune system. And later on, there will be a price to pay for this low-frequency storm. In addition, if I blow out and start throwing stuff or say things I don't mean, all my family will be impacted. I will have an impact with consequences that will reiterate over very long periods of time. For today, right now, we are still in the aftermath of what happened a long, long time ago.

    To stop hurting yourself is also understanding that there are involutive emotions which do no not serve me and that I need to detect them before getting dispossessed of myself. Sorry, but when you're totally washed away with anger, you're no longer yourself, you are dispossessed of yourself. Hence the phrase: “ I was beside myself”. You're no longer yourself, it's not the light speaking through you, but the angst which dispossessed you. It's the angst speaking, not you. So now you need to understand and take responsibility for ceasing to give substance to such involutive feelings.

    Imagine seven billion people doing that. There would be no more infanticides, in this specific case of anger. You would no longer get angry at a child or a woman, a man, an animal.. to kill them. So let's just imagine how the world itself would change if we acquired such mastery over involutive feelings. Self-love is far from being a fantasy land conspiracy!

    Full awareness means being aware of what's going on through me and taking sole responsibility for it. Indeed, the world we live in today where courts try crimes of passion, which implies that we find excuses to the fact that someone may have been so much in love that they felt the urge to kill another. It only highlights a serious issue about the lack of self-control, self-awareness and self-development of this inner consciousness.

    For me self-help (or self-development) is everything but personal. It has a universal reach. It a development which is common to everyone in fact. It's for the common good. The good of all. It's not a self thing.

    To be continued and concluded soon...

    Transcribed & translated from French by Ey@el
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