• Self-Help? Stop Working on Your Weakness and Focus on Your Strengths Instead

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    Article by Carolanne Wright

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    When it comes to self-improvement, there’s an underlying idea that we are inherently flawed and need “fixing.” In the U.S. alone, self-help is a $12 billion a year industry, indicating that we are, in fact, a nation that is perpetually dissatisfied with who we are, warts and all. Even worse, when we discover that human nature is stubborn — and rarely willing to commit to fundamental change over the long haul — depression soon follows as our self-help bubble bursts. Eventually, yet another self-improvement crusade begins. While this vicious cycle is beneficial for the pocketbooks of self-help authors, gurus and seminar organizers, it fails to ultimately help individuals create happier, more joyful lives.

    Psychologists have noticed this stark trend and switched gears to explore what actually does work to boost confidence, increase productivity, foster clarity and help one achieve life goals. Surprisingly, the trick is to emphasize strengths and build upon on them, instead of focusing on ‘repairing’ weak spots.


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