• Say “Cheese”!

    Photos by Simon Dell and article by Ey@el

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    When a wildlife photographer in England discovered a family of mice in his garden, instead of shooing them away, grabbing some mouse traps, or let the cat loose to help like most people would do, he chose to build them a house and a tiny playground. Accustomed to bird watching, he got attached to the little rodents and decided to make a photoshoot. For them to come to him, he enticed them with a luxury banquet made of nuts, berries, and other goodies George, Mildred and their baby Mini are fond of. And the cats down the road would better behave for Simon Dell is keeping a close watch.

    Knowing there are cats just over the fence I thought I would give them a little more safety, so collected some logs and made them a log pile home. The mice are very trusting and know I mean them no harm. I love nature so am happy to live alongside such cute creatures.

    So cute, isn't it? And what a nice change from your usual Christmas pups and kitties in stockings.

    Say “Cheese” and have a Mice Little Christmas you guys!


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