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    Article by Ey@el and music by Ed O'Brien

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    Initially, Santa Teresa is a neighbourhood located on a hill in central Rio de Janeiro, and named after the eponymous Catholic convent dedicated to Santa Teresa de Avila. Unspoilt by imposing American-style modern buildings and the bling bling and cariocas stereotypes of the rich districts in the South of the city, eversince the military dictatorship (1964-1985), it has become the heartland of persecuted artists and intellectuals. EOB certainly fell under the charm of its residual rebellious bohemian spirit during the sabbatical year he spent in Brazil, a couple of years ago.


    Until now, EOB aka Ed O'Brien was only Radiohead's second guitarist, soundscape weaver and fulltime back-vocalist (an allusion to the much-touted hilarious “Eeeeedddd” meme of which he had no idea until recently — bless him). "Tree Fingers", the haunting instrumental track on Kid A, that was him. The Beatleish inspiration on "Karma Police" (OK Computer) too. And many more.

    Served as an appetiser preluding the “imminent” release of his first long-promised long-awaited solo album, this new instrumental, "Santa Teresa" sounds like an ideal choice of a bridge with his work with Radiohead. Much more than mere ambient music (I don't like the “second-class” connotation of the word ambient as if it were meant to stop you from thinking), this track possesses some mystical quality which wraps and captivates you from the very first notes.

    Created with a guitar and a wide range of pedal effects instead of synths, there is a little extra soul to it that you don't usually get from electronic music precisely because the achieved vibe does not rely solely on the machine, but on what radiates from the human and his intention. ” I was always drawn to sounds that didn’t sound like the guitar” told Ed in a recent interview.

    Quantum Music

    Every time you listen to "Santa Teresa", it's as if another layer of soul was added. It's like revisiting or unveiling things as you venture deeper into this both wondrous and eerie psychedelic dream world. It's troubling as the vibrations lead you further down into the depths of your being to loose stuff buried in your psyche or that you had chosen to ignore.

    Or perhaps to some parallel world, a sanctuary or another dimension. Somewhat on the verge of a quantum leap!

    Well, it's spacey in a good way because you don't end up disconnected, but peaceful and realigned with yourself. As if cleansed of all the surrounding negativity. To put it in a nutshell, it's like a soothing balm for the soul.

    From my personal physical and emotional experience (that is only my opinion), this track actually feels like it has been tuned to 432hz rather that 440hz (see Related articles). As a reminder, the 432hz frequency is the reference point (A=432hz) to which the other notes will tune.

    Where your ears won't hardly hear the difference, your bodies (physical, emotional, auric) will feel it. Whereas for some, it is pure myth (as for whatever challenges their conception and perception of the world), it is documented by studies which have shown that 432hz music produces the deepest physical and emotional healing because it naturally resonates with the frequency of our DNA and that of the universe. Unlike conventional 440hz music which creates disharmony in our cells and has detrimental effects on our health, behaviour, and consciousness.

    Sound will be the medicine of the future.
    ~ Edgar Cayce

    Flower of Life

    British scientist and acoustics engineer John Stuart Reid has shown from cymatics (the quantum science which makes sound waves visible through vibrating water molecules or fine particles such as sand grains — and which is regarded as “pseudoscience” by Wikipedia, the biased encyclopedia) that 432hz frequency produces a triple Vesica Piscis shape, that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other. A pattern which serves as a basis for most, if not all, the geometry of the universe.

    From this pattern emerges the flower of life of sacred geometry representing the basic forms of time and space and which is found in many great sacred buildings across the world such as the Temple of Osiris in Egypt. As it goes beyond the scope of this article, I suggest you research the subject, starting with David Wilcock's books in which he admirably exposes and explains the breakthroughs of quantum physics and all their implications on human condition.

    Incidentally, Ed O'Brien has a flower of life tattoed on the inside of his left forearm (related to the mystical, artistic Yin side of the body), practices meditation on a regular basis, and says he finds inspiration within nature and nature sounds (how comes, so do I!). Therefore my theory is not unreasonable. Now, only he can confirm or refute.

    Cada dia, cada lua, cada noite
    (Every day, every moon, every night)

    "Olha O Ceu", Esmeraldas do Tempo (2001)

    One thing is certain, this track is not only soothing, it is also deeply inspiring. Actually, it's amazing how my creativity has increased tenfold since it has been put online. Or was it the moon (a very influential star in my birth chart)?



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    Jean Dotson
    Friday 18th October 2019 at 16:49

    WOW! Thank you for sharing this video. It is breathtaking. I saw so many visions from this video. I saw blue bearded Iris, red tulips, the green grass, the clouds, faces, and so much more. I like your review, not sure what all the comparisons are about.... The music was so melodic and relaxing. I wasn't impressed with the first release of EOB several weeks ago. But this release is enticing and I may actually purchase the album now. 


    What a beautiful way to start the day. Your review is wonderful, as always.  Hope this message finds all well and at peace. Love, Jean

      • Saturday 19th October 2019 at 21:30

        I'm really happy my review changed your perception of the song. I didn't know I had such power, but I'm glad I do apparently. Bless you, Jean Thank you.

    Saturday 19th October 2019 at 19:39

    Just after lunch, I’ve tuned one of my guitars down to 432 mhz, then I played and sang some of my songs: it sounds better, I sing (and breathe) better, I feel really great after that. No kidding, it's amazing! I'm going to do like that (thanks!), As I'm alone on stage it's easy. It's little lower than "standard" tuning but it's so different.

      • Saturday 19th October 2019 at 21:20

        Wow! Thanks that's great news. So happy it inspired you to try and make the shift.

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    Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at 00:56
    Merci pour la decouverte magique
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