• Research Tells Us How Comfort Foods Work: 5 Foods That Naturally Soothe The Soul

    Article by Alexa Erickson

    Life can often get in the way of what matters to us most: peace. When we feel off-balance, we tend to experience high levels of stress that deter us from enjoying all of the wonderful things our world has to offer. People take many different avenues for coping with this feeling, and it’s no secret that comfort food is one of them.

    Back in 1997, the Oxford English Dictionary even added the definition for “comfort food,” referencing Southern cooking staples like grits and black-eyed peas. But in reality, comfort foods are timeless. From a loaf of bread to a big bowl of pasta, a heaping mound of ice cream to a sweet apple pie, some foods just seem to soothe the soul. But is there any scientific proof to back this up?


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