• Polaroid Android: The End Of Summer

    Music & lyrics by DeMerkastel

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    A bitter sweet song by my friend François (see Related articles) which felt appropriate to mark the end of holidays and close this third season of your summertime series on a high note. To listen, click on the arrow of the player on the picture (if you can't, listen on Soundcloud instead). If you like it, please, let him know in the comments or on one of the links in the footnotes. It's always nice to hear from you.



    The rain is falling down,
    In the heat of the night,
    We give us kisses on the beach.
    Our hands are shaking,
    Our eyes close to tears,
    So hard that the heart bleeds.
    You move me like a wave,
    Crashing on the sand
    That surrounds us.

    My hands through your hair
    Playing lullabies.
    You’re a symphony,
    You are everything.

    Your blood is flowing deep in my veins,
    My heart is beating in your breath
    Leaving is a fall
    Feeling suicidal, rain and tears.

    Our summer is dying now
    We are dying now
    Few minutes before our last breathe together.

    Our summer is dying now
    We are dying now
    Few seconds before our last heartbeat together.

    Our summer is dying now
    We are dying now
    Few heartbeats before we are vanishing now.

    For it’s time for us to leave
    Anything we could have share
    Anything we could have lived forever.

    You move me,
    You are everything,
    Oh my my.

    I wanna hold you,
    I wanna kiss you,
    I wanna surround you,
    Be you babe babe.

    I love you,
    I need you,
    I wanna be everything,
    Anything that deals with you,
    Oh babe babe babe…

    Oh you move me...

    © François Demercastel, 1993

    Reproduction of the above contents is strictly prohibited.
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com. All rights reserved.

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