• Polaroid Android: The Burger King

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    Picture and article by Ey@el

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    A season prerequisite, perfectly in line with my vow of temporary (but healthy) triviality: here's one final recipe resulting from my cooking experiments in my personal war against junk food and industrial food. These burgers may not look that great, but they do not moo and will provide all the proteins you need without either clogging your arteries or acidifying your body. An alternative way to serve lentils children might also enjoy especially when cooked with their favourite seasoning.


    Makes 2 burgers:

    - 3 tbsp lentils, cooked
    - 2 tbsp lupin flour
    - 1½ tbsp flaxseed, ground
    - 1 tsp curry
    - 1 garlic clove, crushed
    - salt, pepper, dried oregano


    In a large bowl, mash (green red or black) lentils, cooked beforehand prior to soaking them overnight. Add the other ingredients until you get a homogenous mix.

    Shape your burgers using cookie cutter, a burger mould or a small bowl so that you get compact patties that will look neither like pancakes nor mashed potatoes.

    Fry 3-4 minutes in coconut or olive oil.

    Highly nourishing, these burgers are best served with greens. You may of course change seasoning according to your tastes and preferences — e.g. replace garlic with onion and curry with any other spice or add more herbs.


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