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    Yes, I'm much into recycling this month, so what? Recycling is eco-friendly and it's not because I can't afford to go on holidays that I don't have the right to slow down. That said, it may not seem like much but bringing back improved old recipes and translating them into another langage still requires a minimum input of time and effort. So all you grousers, never-satisfied and spiteful mouths, please don't change a thing. After all, you have the right to exist too, but it doesn't mean we won't live on our own terms and share what we like. Worry not, we do love you because you're such a laugh and constant reminders of how we could end up like lest we decided to give up on our dreams. So thank you for continously boosting our motivation and have a good ranting! Such a lenghty preamble to introduce my new improved and revisited version, still 100% vegan and sugar/gluten free of the hyperproteinated creams I ate for breakfast (see Related articles). This is an original recipe I invented and which I wanted smoother and with a subtil flavour of hazelnut and vanilla which reminds a little bit of crèmes brûlées. For those who don't like coconut in general, have a try because it really doesn't taste like coconut.


    Makes 12 ramekins :

    - 1 litre hazelnut (or almond) milk
    - 400 ml coconut milk
    - 1 vanilla pod
    - 4 tbsp lupin flour
    - 3 tbsp ground flaxseed
    - 4 tbsp ground almonds


     Split the vanilla pod and infuse with milks brought to boiling point.

    Remove vanilla pod and add powders and flour, stirring well to avoid the formation of lumps.

    Stir regularly and cook over a low heat until the mixture thickens which should take about 10 minutes but it depends how thick you want it to be (please note it will continue thickening when cooling).

    Pour into ramekins and let it cool before refrigerating.

    Before serving, you may spray some cinnamon (or cocoa) powder and add a couple of almonds on top to decorate.

    NOTE: You may substitute other vegetal milks for hazelnut milk but the mixture might not have the same thick consistency. If you use almond milk instead, the taste might be slighly bitter since this recipe doesn't contain any added sugar. If so, you may add a touch of honey or agave syrup.

    NOTE : Vous pouvez utiliser d'autres laits végétaux à la place du lait de noisette mais vos crèmes risquent d'être plus liquides. Si vous utilisez du lait d'amande, le goût risque d'être un peu amer car cette recette ne contient pas de sucre. Dans ce cas, vous pourrez également ajouter un soupçon de miel ou de sirop d'agave.

    Enjoy your treat!


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