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    This article marks the start of the third season of your summer series (see Related articles) for the whole of August, providing you with more trivial yet practical reading. It doesn't mean you should not bother to post any comment as sharing should never be a one-way process. The all-for-my-ass mindset or familiar crappy remarks such as “no one asked you” or “you agreed to it” cannot be free of consequences (especially with karmic returns being so much quicker nowadays). Except that in that mindset you hardly ever see the correlations with what befalls on you. Such a shame since everyone could enjoy a much better life. But only fate can force you to change or stay in a rut.

    She burns like the sun
    And I can't look away
    And she'll burn our horizons
    Make no mistake

    "Sunburn", Muse (2000)

    Incidentally, talking of karma, last June yours truly has been stupid enough to stay out in the sun during the hottest hours of the day in a the Tuileries Gardens in Paris and the price was hot as hell. My excuse is that I was meeting an old friend of 30 years ago and we had billions things to talk about. Nonetheless I should have prepared for a chance in weather conditions and anticipated an eventual twist of HAARP in the midst of all this downpour and cold and get some sunscreen made beforehand. A lesson I won't forget.

    So yes, these homemade sunscreen bars do look and smell so yummy, they could be mistaken for chocolate bars. Actually they do contain cocoa butter but you'd be ill advised to eat them. On the other hand, they're very healthy to apply on your skin unlike the carcinogenic ingredients and other toxins found in most overpriced manufactured products purchased in drugstores and pharmacies. Of course, you need to apply it often (every hour at least) and avoid getting out when the sun is at its highest. They also have a soothing effect on sunburns as they nourrish and regenerate the skin (they contain a lot of vitamins A and E which are natural antioxidants).


    • 15 g coconut oil
    • 10 g cocoa butter
    • 10 g shea butter
    • 15 g white beewax
    • 5 g nanoparticle-free zinc oxide
    • 10 drops vitamin E
    • 5 drops carrot EO (optional)

    QSF 50 g


    Coconut has so many benefits we won't list them here again. Both shea and cocoa butters are rich in fatty acids and tocopherols (vitamins A and E) which effectively protect and  regenerate skin, especially cocoa butter since it contains squalene, naturally occurring in the deep layers (dermis). Nanoparticle-free zinc oxide provides an excellent barrier against UV radiations. It also has a soothing effect and is the main active ingredient of calamine you may have heard of. Carrot essential oil has both healing and restorative properties, however you may not like its fragrance. Besides, if you intend to use these sunscreens on children or pregnant women, replace the essential oil with some organic vanilla extract.


    Melt oil, butter and wax in a double boiler.

    Add zinc oxide and mix well until you obtain an homegeneous mixture (wear a mask to avoid inhaling).

    Remove from heat and add vitamin E and essential oil. Then quickly pour in silicone mould or ice-cube tray.

    Leave it to cool and harden for about 30 minutes in the fridge before turning out.

    It's best kept in a cool place but you may keep a couple in your bag, they won't liquefy. Apply directly on your skin. It will melt and penetrate.

    NOTE: You're advised to crush the zinc oxide with a mortar and pilar before adding to the mixture so as to obtain a finer powder. Stir well before pouring into moulds as zinc oxide tends to stay at the bottom of the dish.

    I, personally, found some mini-sticks to keep in my bag which are more handy than cubes that tend to get sticky on your hands especially if you wear rings. The larger bar can also be transfered into a deodorant stick.

    I have tested it on a hot day walking in the sun, applying every hour and didn't get burnt. On top of it, mosquitoes hate it because they slip off your skin!


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