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    While it's very cool to keep your feet cool, breathing fire is definitely not. Please note I'm talking about dragon breath not feral breath (which might be a symptom for mouth, teeth or digestive disorders you should take seriously rather than merely trying to suppress). One may be natural and wild without going feral and sometimes need a little breath-freshening (kiss-kool effect) not just when dating. Lucky you, your good fairy godmother Ey@el (also known as the wicked Don't-Mess-With-Me fairy) found the magic solution to carry with you in your bag or pocket at all times.


    • 10 ml (2 teaspoon) vodka
    • 0,02 g menthol crystals
    • 0,5 ml vegetable glycerin
    • 1 drop lemon EO
    • 5 drops peppermint EO

    QSF 10 ml


    Dissolve menthol crystals in vodka, making sure they don't accidentally come in contact with your skin or mucous membranes (wear protective mask, gloves and glasses).

    Dissolve essential oils in vegetable glycerin then stir into the menthol-vodka mixture.

    Transfer to a small sterilised essential oil glass bottle with a spray cap (or a perfume bag spray).

    NOTE: Spray in your mouth and be careful not to spray in your eyes. I find it also brings relief in case of nausea or indigestion. Do not over-use.

    CAUTION: Not suitable for children, pregnant women and epileptics. Don't use with homeopathic treatment. And make sure not to spray near a flame as this is a flammable product. Keep out of reach of children.


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