• Polaroid Android: Smells Like Mint Spirit

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    Having worked
    All year long,
    When August came,
    The blogger
    Found herself most kaput.
    Her neurons
    Totally out of synch,
    She opted out
    For a break
    Reviting old clichéd snapshots
    Of yesteryear.

    Those lousy non-rhymes to formally introduce the release of season two of your summertime series. All previous episodes can be found HERE.

    KO Computer

    Green all the way up to her keyboard, against all odds she does try her most, though poetic justice incidentally kicked her into alignment to her own principles, shooting her nine year old beloved PC down, while it already had had several vital organ transplants and its graphic card removed. Experiencing the hassle of Wine of Oz #81 by Orwell on her second-hand laptop, struggling her way through the web while her RAM was constantly being hijacked by the Billy's greedy sneaky bugs and paranoid Czech vampire Devast2. In short, for a long time she had been considering switching to Linux and so she took the leap. To Mint Cinnamon flavour. And frankly, she has no regrets.

    Well, she's still having issues with graphic design for as great as Wilber3 may be, he's honestly not very user-friendly to newcomers. However, through the Wine emulator4, she can still do hassle-free artwork with a pre-Corel (Adobe's rival bloatware) version of her long-standing pal Paint Shop Pro and her (impressive collection of) most used filters. Though she wouldn't call it Nirvana (she prefers Radiohead), she's happy with her decision and is sorry that so many people wrongly assume Linux is a geek thing. Does she look like one, huh?

    New of The Blog

    No major changes to report except for the enablement of javascript which made it possible to embed the Pensieve's tweety timeline for those unwilling to rummage into the blue bird's nest.

    By the way, while we're at it, it's been a year now since this birdie account was created and overall, it has been a positive experience as mentioned in a previous article (in French only) as it helped to significantly increase traffic. Mind you, we have passed the 200,000 mark of global statistics with the average number of 9,500 to 10,000 visits per month as from April-May (note that these stats refer to the original version in French).

    Also, in the spirit of celebrating anniversaries, next Sunday will mark the 4th year of existence of our 1000-plus page baby (make it double with the English abridged version). Sure, time does fly, but still there's no time to get bored.



    1. ^ Windows 8.
    2. ^ AVAST, the ubiquarian antivirus software shooting at its own shadow.
    3. ^ The GIMP mascot (graphic software also available for Windows).
    4. ^ Wine emulates Windows runtime environment, allowing computer programs developped for Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems.

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