• Polaroid Android: Love No Evil

    Graphic and poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

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    See how comfy he is
    In times of trouble,
    Woes to say,
    Words to curse he has,
    He, Evil.

    Set up as a phallocracy,
    Ruled by a demonocracy,
    Pedantic boaster,
    Taunting smug he is,
    He, Evil.

    Deliberately sickening,
    Feasting on our ups and downs,
    Incredibly heady,
    On our fears he feeds,
    He, Evil.

    Both sneaky and sly,
    Snide and deceptive,
    So convinced of his inerrancy,
    Believe himself invincible he does,
    He, Evil.

    Worshipped today
    By all the disenchanted
    He's been deceiving,
    Ultimately deposed he'll be,
    He, Evil.

    Good on him,
    He'll lose face,
    And so bad the hurt,
    Bugger off he will,
    He, Evil.


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