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    During hot weather, the water in our bodies tends to evaporate more quickly (which is why it's so essential to stay well hydrated even if you're not thirsty) and our blood will thicken, causing veinous stasis and oedemas or at best, heavy legs. Besides, walking may cause swelling and burning feeling in your feet which is bad news since walking is actually supposed to improve blood circulation.

    For a bit of relief, here is arefreshing gel that do no stick, providing a strong cooling effect which I always carry around as I walk a lot. It should help you put up with these inconveniences (but won't suppress them). The anti-fatigue sensation it provides is just like magical. Only you should be careful not to spread it all over your body, on ly on your feet, ankles and calves. And don't rub your eyes after applying with your hands.

    You'll find all the ingredients you need in specialised shops or online sites and, as always, all your tools, containers and workspace should been thoroughly clean and desinfected with alcohol (use cheap rubbing alcohol for that, do not waste your precious organic alcohol).


    • 70 ml mineral water
    • 0,04 g blue mineral oxide (optional)
    • 4 g guar gum
    • 2 ml organic alcohol
    • 4,8 g menthol crystals
    • 20 ml liquid ivy or butcher's broom extract
    • 18 drops lavender EO
    • 20 drops benzylic alcohol (preservative)

    QSF 100 g


    Menthol crystals are obtained by cooling of mentha arvensis essential oil and used for their refreshing, decongestant and anaesthetic effect. They also promotes the absorption of active ingredients. As for ivy and butcher's broom, they both improve blood circulation.


    Dissolve blue oxide in water by stirring well. Sprinkle guar gum into the water and whisk vigourously until you obtain a thick homegeneous gel.

    Dissolve menthol crystals in organic alcohol and gently fold into the gel (use protective gloves and glasses to prevent accidental contact with skin or mucous membranes).

    Mix plant extract with essential oil and preservative and fold gently again into the gel.

    Transfer to a clean jar or tube and store in a cool place.

    NOTE: In order to carry in your bag for when it's hot or if you walk a lot, you can transfer a small quantity in a mini gloss tube which is more convenient to use while away from home.

    Recommended shelf life is 3 months.

    CAUTION: Since menthol may induce allergic reactions, you're highly advised to make a preventive test inside your elbow 48 hours before using to make sure. Also, menthol should not be used on children, pregnant women or epileptics as it may cause seizures. Keep this gel out of reach of children as you would for any medecine.


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