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    Polaroid Android

    Ever heard of Décopatch? It's a very thin printed paper you can use to decorate, customise or renovate lots of different objects made of wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, earthenware, glass...

    I had fun restyling a slightly damaged ugly mini metal tray. I first glued a sheet of white plain paper to hide the existing printed pattern using varnish-glue. Once dry, I glued a resized Décopatch sheet (while others might prefer the recommended technique of cutting/tearing and overlaying pieces) on the central part. Topped with a layer of sealing varnish for waterproofing and shine.

    I have also decorated a chocolate wooden box to keep my collection of gems and crystals. It was a bit tricky because of the hinges and plastic pane. No need for a precoat layer of white paper here, but I used two different sheets of Décopatch. That is the same as for the tray and a golden one to line the inner side of the lid and the edge of the compartments. Topped with coat layers of varnish-glue and sealing varnish and some orange felt to line the side and bottom of the compartments for the crystals.

    Last but not the least, I made some makeup palettes to keep all my homemade eyeshadows, blush and lipsticks in the same place. For that, I have recycled coloured pencil cases using a pre-coat of white paper and Décopatch (on the upper lid only) plus a stripe of masking tape to mark the opening side, all topped with the usual varnish coating for protection. I have lined the inside with self-adhesive magnetic sheets to keep in place the tin pans I bought in a specialised shop (you may also arrange your commercial makeup products after removing them from their packaging).

    Not featured here, I've also decorated the handle of my cosmetic brushes with Décopatch to spot them at a glance.

    That's it. Hope it inspires you to restyle or create ultra customised objects. For more ideas and inspiration, please visit the Décopatch website. All materials may be purchased online or in arts & crafts shops.


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