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    Did you know that lentils were the first plant food cultivated by men since prehistory? It is even mentioned in the Bible and some have been found in Egyptians tombs. This starchy plant comes in a large variety of species and colours. Primarily grown in Turkey, red lentils are used a lot in Indian dishes where they are a major source of protein. They also have a high content in minerals (iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium), vitamins B, antioxidants, and fibres which provide a low glycemic load, bring a rapid feeling of satiety, and support digestion. Furthermore, unlike other lentils, red lentils have their hulls removed which are usually responsible for bloating. All the opposite of wheat, the cereal most traditional pasta are made with.

    Fennel also has a high content of fibres supporting digestion. In addition, its natural diuretic properties help reduce blood pressure. Like red lentils, it also contains a lot of minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc), all essential for healthy bones, as well as flavonoids, phytoestrogens and vitamin K.

    Last, lacto-fermented soy (the only non-polemical form in Western countries) offers a excellent source of probiotics to promote healthy guts, as well as omega-3 to help the cardiovascular system function properly.

    The vegan recipe below contains all three ingredients for a tasty low-cal one-dish meal super fast to make if you cook pasta just like a risotto. It will save you time, energy and water.


    Serves 2 :

    - 180 g red lentil fusilli
    - 1 large fennel bulb
    - 1 clove garlic
    - powdered (or fresh) ginger
    - salt, pepper
    - lacto-fermented soy spread
    - chives (or dill)


    Wash fennel in clean water, dry, and slice thinly. Transfer to a large covered pan (or wok) and soften in oil.

    Add crushed garlic and pasta. Season with ginger, salt and pepper. Stir well and cover with mineral water.

    Put the lid back and cook over low heat just like a risotto until pasta are al dente (less than 10 minutes).

    Serve with fermented soy spread and chives.

    NOTE: For an even tastier dish, you may replace water with vegetable soup if you have some. Since ginger enhances the aniseed flavour of fennel, it's best not to substitute it with other spices. Unless you don't like it, then you may use curry instead.

    Bon appétit!


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