• Our Freedoms

    Article by Ey@el and music & lyrics by Ingrid Courrèges

    Original en français

    Almost everybody in France knows "Femme libérée" (liberated woman), a hit song from the 80's. Not really my cup of tea (not to say not at all), but Ingrid Courrèges changed it all. Not just the music she rearranged, but also and most importantly the lyrics she turned into a politically hard-hitting pastiche, using music to voice out what an increasing number of people are thinking for themselves, not just in France but all over the world. I tip my hat to this talented young lady for her courage and her right, well-chosen words. And also her humour which gives healthy perspective.

    Our Freedoms (what remains of them...)

    After an eventful week featuring the controversy on Hold-Up1, the summoning of D. Raoult and L. Fouché2, hospital closures, the arrival of the vaccine, the extension of lockdown and state of emergency, mandatory masks for children, tough protests from dissenters and 'non-essential citizens' all met with escalating repression and nonsense from the PTB... These are my thoughts as a 'not so liberated woman anymore' using Cookie Dingler's famous hit song. “We are all awake, let's step out of the line”.

    Love, peace, and humour.

    Ingrid, 14th November 2020

    Nos libertés

    So that's what France looks like at the onset of winter
    We all put a mask on and it's the same as yesterday
    A curfew, another lockdown,
    A hard blow to human rights

    Don't give it up
    It's so fragile
    I mean your freedom
    Is what's at risk

    Don't let them wreck
    The whole Civil Code
    By letting them decide
    They're killing our rights

    Always more deaths on TV
    Switch on BFM, it's like Pearl Harbor
    They want to scare us talking about war
    So as to facilitate their sanitary dictatorship

    Don't let them rule
    It's only a matter of time
    Till the army
    Turns up on your doorstep

    Don't give it up
    It's so fragile
    I mean your freedom
    Is what's at risk

    What about if we let doctors make prescriptions?
    But without any sick people, no need for a vaccine anymore
    To play along the rules of Big Pharma
    No extra beds, we're in dire straits

    GP's are forbidden
    To treat patients
    Plaquenil stock deliveries
    Are being blocked

    Don't give it up
    It's so fragile
    I mean your health
    Is what's at risk

    You can go out only to work
    If you want to have fun, touch yourself
    If you are told you're not essential
    And that your life is superficial

    Then you feel broken
    Their hostile measures
    Which you never saw coming
    Serve as your April poison prank

    Don't give it up
    It's so fragile
    I mean your freedom
    Is what's at risk

    If you don't support the single world-view
    You're a conspiracist, an egomaniac
    Demonstrating, for them no way
    Does freedom of speech still exist?

    No, you get gassed
    By their projectiles
    As soon as we gather
    They send in their henchmen

    Don't give it up
    It's so fragile
    I mean your freedom
    Is what's at risk

    Is it possible to be so inadvertently wrong?
    Are the powers-that-be having a psychotic episode?
    They might as well say "Take the vaccine or go to jail"
    For each wave to leave a residue of submission

    Let's not give them up
    They're so fragile
    I mean our freedoms
    Our lives are not futile

    Let's not give up
    Let's not be so acquiescent
    We are all awake
    We need to step out of the line

    © Ingrid Courrèges & Florian Martinez, 2020

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

    About Ingrid Courrèges

    Aged 36, Ingrid gained popularity in 2015 in participating in TV talent show The Voice (unfortunately she did not make it further than the first round of battles) and experimented a variety of artistic ventures (including cabaret) before creating her own One Woman Show, a musical play entitled Y a-t-il un beau gosse dans la salle ? (Is there a hunk in the hall?), pastiching French songs while making great use of her talent as a comedian.

    A former health worker in public hospitals, she has been a musician since she was a child. So after a serious burn-out, in order to step back into life, she decided to move to Paris and take singing, dance, and drama classes... that is everything she truly loves doing. And the public support and response made her realise she had found her true path in life.

    Today” she says “I take care of people just like when I worked in hospitals, but now I do it with songs and good vibes.”

    When asked whether the popularity of her pastiches on social media had any positive impact on her career, Ingrid honestly responds that it hasn't, because there is no money to be made in covering songs, even when it involves a genuine rewriting process. She does it only for the people. And also because she enjoys it.

    I am a human being before being a civil being. I do not belong to French society. I belong to nature, to the planet. I am entitled to free circulation and therefore I take this right. And I do that without a mask. I only put on a mask when I meet people at risk, but otherwise I am not afraid. I do that freely for my own well-being.” (Source)

    A good way to make the red pill more appealing to the naysayers who cover their ears, holding out their BFM3 bible (Bullshit & Fake-news Media) and crucifix, yelling “Vade retro Conspiracist!” whenever you gently try to explain with supporting evidence that this orchestrated health crisis is only an excuse to advance their Agenda 21 and set up the New World Order already implemented in China. Never underestimate the power of music. Whereas it can be used to hypnotise crowds, it can also be used to wake them up.

    So I invite you all to follow Ingrid's YouTube Channel (while it's still online) and share her videos, download her pastiches, and play them to the people around you as background music. Use the same methods as the MSM, repeat endlessly but gently and kindly for the issues at stake are dead serious. You can count on me to repost (and translate) more pastiches from the beautiful Ingrid. Many thanks, Ingrid!



    1. ^ Hold-Up is an unbiased French documentary investigating the many aberrations and discrepancies in the way the health crisis was handled by the French government, featuring first-hand testimonies by eminent scientists, doctors, virologists, geneticists... which was met with virulent criticism and immediate censorship from the powers that be, labelling it as fake news as expected, the result of which made the movie even more viral and available to all when it was originally on a pay-to-view platform. They'll never learn!
    2. ^ Pr. Didier Raoult and Dr. Louis Fouché have both been indicted for alerting public opinion on the lies and manipulation behind the handling of the health crisis. Once again silencing them could only infuriate public opinion and trigger questions in those not brain-dead yet. Let's bless their stupidity which actually further advance the truth.
    3. ^ BFMTV is a French news channel with a large audience serving the state propaganda like many around the world.
    Reproduction of the above contents is strictly prohibited.
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com. All rights reserved.
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