• Orwell’s ‘Facecrime’ is Here in Insane America

    Article by Sigmund Fraud

    If you had any doubt left that we have entered crossed the Rubicon into sheer madness, then look no further to the media feeding frenzy over Covington Catholic High School student in a non-confrontation with American Indian elder Nathan Phillips. In short, the hacks, fraudsters, propagandists and thought crime police created a media firestorm over the expression on a kids face as an old man beat a drum. Death threats ensued, and the high school was even forced to close down for the days following, because so many insane, hateful people threatened harm on the school and everyone there.

    There are plenty of articles on the net today about this incident, proving that the original story which positioned the high school student as a white, racist tormentor of Native Americans was totally make-believe. There is a bigger picture here, though, that needs to be brought into view. We’re at a dangerous crossroads in our society, and people in mass are showing signs of loving their slavery to a corrupt and divisive two-party scam system that feeds off our inability to get along and unite.

    There are innumerable pawns, patsies and provocateurs who would happily sell our culture and peace of mind for some slight political edge. We are living in interesting times where an unsubstantiated story about the look on someone’s face can lead to national turmoil and widespread threats of violence.


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